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What is SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is a new document management product that is based on the same architecture used by the current SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional product (formally SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM). This makes SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard 100% compatible with SOLIDWORKS EPDM which will enable it to be easily upgraded if and when a customer’s needs require it. SOLIDWORKS EPDM was renamed to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional from the 2016 release to maintain consistency in the product line and to provide a path for a potential Premium product in the future.

SOLIDWORKS PDM (SWPDM) 2016 Frequently Asked Questions

When will SWPDM Std be available?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is available from the SOLIDWORKS 2016 release onwards.

Is SWPDM Std included in the SOLIDWORKS Products?

SWPDM Std CAD Editor licences is only available with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Professional and Premium licences.

The SWPDM Std Contributor, 5-pack Viewer licences and subscription are available for purchase.

Is SWPDM Std available with a SOLIDWORKS Standard licence?

No, SWPDM Std CAD Editor licences is only be available with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licences.

How is SWPDM Std to be licensed?

SWPDM Std will utilise activation based serial numbers managed by the SolidNetWork Licence (SNL) Manager. There are three client types, CAD Editor, Contributor and Viewer similar to SWPDM Pro (EPDM).

Will SWPDM Std replace SOLIDWORKS Work Group PDM (WGPDM)?

Yes, SWPDM Std is a replacement for WGPDM. However WGPDM will still be available with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium licences in the 2016 and 2017 major releases. WGPDM will be retired with the 2018 major release.

In the longer term it makes sense for the entry level SWPDM Std offering to be 100% compatible with SWPDM Pro to minimise effort and disruption when upgarding to SWPDM Pro if and when required.

Will it be possible to migrate from WGPDM to SWPDM Std?

Yes, it is possible to migrate your WGPDM vault into a SWPDM Std vault. Cadtek will be able to assist with this process to ensure that your very valuable design Intellectual Property is maintained and protected.

When will WGPDM no longer be available?

WGPDM will still be available in the 2016 and 2017 major releases. WGPDM will be retired with the 2018 Major release.

How will SWPDM Std 2016 be delivered?

Both the client and server applications, including Microsoft SQL Server Express, for SWPDM Std  and SWPDM Pro (EPDM) will be included in the SOLIDWORKS 2016 Installation Manager onwards.

SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition will still be shipped on a separate DVD. (SWPDM Pro only)

Is there a limit on the number of concurrent users that can log into SWPDM Std?

No, however SWPDM Std is not recommended for more than 5 concurrent users.

Will SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard licences be allowed to float?

Yes, the licences will be allowed to float among users and across multiple regions as SOLIDWORKS EPDM licences have been.

Will SWPDM Std be compatible with prior versions of SOLIDWORKS?

SWPDM Std will only officially support the same major release version of SOLIDWORKS.

Can SWPDM Std be customised with a Application programming interface (API)

No, since SWPDM Std does not support custom add-ins and does not have API support. If custom add-ins are required it is possible to upgrade to SWPDM Pro (EPDM) which has a full API and does support Custom add-ins.

What kind of support for PDF files will be available in SWPDM Std?

It will be possible to manage PDF files in SWPDM Std, however since Tasks, Add-ins and API support is not included no automated creation of PDFs will be possible. In addition, viewing PDF files will not be possible via the View File menu or in the windows Explorer Preview tab. If this functionality is required you can upgrade to SWPDM Pro.

Can vaults created in SOLIDWORKS EPDM be used with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?

No, SOLIDWORKS EPDM vaults will not be compatible with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and cannot be “downgraded”.

What is the process for upgrading a SWPDM STD vault to a SWPDM Pro (EPDM) vault?

First you would need to purchase licences of SWPDM Pro (EPDM). The next step is to upgrade SQL Server Express to SQL Server Standard and then upgrade the SWPDM Std servers and client installs.

The SWPDM Std vault can then be upgraded to a SWPDM Pro (EPDM). The vault upgrade process cannot be undone. Cadtek will be on hand to assist and advise on this process.

Does SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard require a database application like Solidworks EPDM?

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is only supported on Microsoft SQL Server Express which will be included in the installation media.

What are the limitations associated with SQL Server Express edition compared to SQL Server Standard edition?

SQL Server Express has a 1 GB limit on the amount of RAM it can address and a maximum database size of 10 GB. The 10 GB limit applies only to the database file and not the log file. In addition SQL Server Express can only use a maximum of one processor with 4 cores. While there are no limits on the number of connections to the database, the performance of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard will be impacted as more and more users connect.

Can a customer use Microsoft SQL Standard with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard instead of SQL Server Express?

No, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard will only run on Microsoft SQL Server Express even if the customer has acquired SQL Server from another source.

Can SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard use the same SQL Server Express that is being used with SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

While it is possible for both systems to use the same SQL Server Express instance, it is not recommended due to the RAM and database size limits enforced by SQL Server Express. It is highly recommended that SQL Server Express and the accompanying database server for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard be placed on its own server.

We have deployed WGPDM, will we still be supported?

Yes SOLIDWORKS will continue to support WGPDM. WGPDM will still be available in 2016 and 2017 major releases, in the 2018, WGPDM will not be available.

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Frequently Asked Questions

What is the future for SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM?

SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM will eventually be retired. The current schedule is for Workgroup PDM to be available in the 2016 and 2017 SOLIDWORKS releases. The 2018 release will not include Workgroup PDM. This provides plenty of time for customers to decide on what PDM product will meet their needs.

Can a customer who has purchased separate licences for SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM products upgrade to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard at no charge?

Yes, customers who own separate licences of SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Contributor, Viewer and Advanced Server products on subscription will be able to obtain similar SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard licenses at no charge.

For example: If a customer has two (2) Workgroup PDM 2016 Contributor licences and one (1) Workgroup 2016 Viewer 5-pack on subscription, they will be able to obtain licences for two (2) SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard 2016 Contributors and one (1 ) SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard 2016 Viewer 5-pack at no charge. Any remaining time left on their Workgroup subscriptions would carry over to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. Their next renewal would be at the current SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard rates. If they elect to discontinue subscription then they would only be entitled to the current version of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard product based on the entitlement end date.

Will the current migration tool for moving SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM data to SOLIDWORKS EPDM work for migrating Workgroup PDM data to SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard?

Yes, the current tool will be compatible with SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. In addition, SOLIDWORKS will be developing new and improved tools to help make the migration process as seamless as possible.

What is the difference between SWPDM Standard and SWPDM Pro (ePDM)?

Features SWPDM Std SWPDM Pro (ePDM)
CAD Editor Client
Contributor Client
Viewer Client
Web Client
DraftSight Add-in
SW Electrical Integration
AutoCAD Add-in
Inventor Add-in
Pro/E Connector
Solid Edge File Support
Microsoft Office Add-in
eDrawings Preview
eDrawings Professional
External Viewer Integration
Multi-Document Preview
Integrated Search Tool
Dedicated Search Tool
Content Search (Indexing)
Search Favorites
Multiple Workflows Limited to 1
Workflow States Limited to 10
Revision Schemes Limited to 2
Transition Actions (Limited)
Parallel Approvals
Notifications- PDM Inbox (Database)
Notifications- Email (SMTP)
Automated Tasks
Automated Data Import/Export
File Categories
Version Labels
Serial Numbers
Version Free Variables
Multi-Site Replication
Offline Mode
Report Generator
Named Bill of Materials
Menu and Toolbar Customization
Application Programming Interface (API)
Custom Add-in Support
Dispatch Macros
SQL Express Support
SQL Standard Support
Active Directory and LDAP Login