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MySOLIDWORKS Professional

MySOLIDWORKS Professional offers tremendous value to thousands of SOLIDWORKS users worldwide. Included are huge amounts of added resources and support, access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base and plenty of online help.

MySOLIDWORKS Professional

Online SOLIDWORKS Training

There are 1000+ video tutorials that you can watch anytime, anywhere. With MySOLIDWORKS Professional you also have access to the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) preparation courses. Not only this but further advanced certification courses like the CSWP, CSWE and CSWA (Drawing Tools, Mould Tools, Sheet Metal, Surfacing & Weldments).


MySOLIDWORKS Professional is available through your MySOLIDWORKS Customer Portal. Take advantage of this offer and start accessing 1000+ on-line training sessions!

On Active SOLIDWORKS Subscription?

Register your SOLIDWORKS Serial # on active subscription for access to MySOLIDWORKS Standard and unlock 600+ Online Product Tutorial videos including CSWA Certification Prep


When Schools and Colleges purchase CAD software they must ensure that their tutors have up-to-date skills to pass on as part of their teaching. CAD software is constantly evolving and developing. With access to over 320+ on-line training videos and SOLIDWORKS certification prep courses introducing new skills, MySOLIDWORKS can help tutors maintain their expertise.

The SOLIDWORKS Educational Edition combines the support of Cadtek Systems with the online training within MySOLIDWORKS to give the freedom for academic staff to further their own skill set.

This is not solely for staff however. Students are free to register and access all the same online tutorial videos, knowledge base and Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) online prep-courses. Students with a valid student serial number can get access now!