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SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides great tools for electrical design that enable Designers to create schematic drawings in an intelligent manner. The system will also output reports such as bills of materials, wire lists and various others automatically to aid the design. However, the use of the Electrical Schematic and Electrical 3D modules enables users to build a virtual prototype of the electrical design and avoid costly mistakes during manufacture.


The webinar will outline some of these tools and techniques in both Electrical Schematic and Electrical 3D to demonstrate some of the items below: –

  • Enabling a common Bill of Material between electrical and mechanical designs.
  • Verifying the size of the control panels.
  • Optimising the wiring within a panel.
  • Enabling rules for wire segregation.
  • Calculating the lengths of cable and wire to be ordered.
  • Verifying how full the wire ducts or cable trays are.

To register to watch the webinar live, you can do so through the Cadtek customer portal. (The webinar will start at 11am on Friday 10th April).