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This week’s webinar will cover the entry level product in the SolidWorks Plastics suite; Plastics Standard.

Plastics Standard is aimed at part designers who wish to optimize their parts for injection moulding manufacture early in the design process, it can be used to predict the fill conditions, best injection locations and cooling times for any SolidWorks part model. It can also help the user to eliminate or reduce air traps, weld lines and short shots – common problems encountered in non-optimal moulding processes.

We will use a rear mudguard from a mountain bike to highlight the features available.

The following will be covered in this webinar:

  • Setting up and running Plastics analysis
  • Choosing Polymer material type
  • Analysing results
  • Changing the design to improve results

To register to watch the webinar live, you can do so through the Cadtek customer portal. (The webinar will start at 11am on Friday 8th May).

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