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Navigating between views is one of the most common actions whilst using SOLIDWORKS, so having the ability to do this quickly, although simple can be very convenient and time saving in the long run.

Simply pressing Ctrl and the Space Bar brings up a cube round the model in the graphics area. Each face of the cube can be clicked on to go to that view, or hovered over with the cursor to give a preview, like as pictured in the top right hand corner of the display.

Simply pressing the Space Bar brings up the same cube, as well as a dialog box with further viewing and view customisation options.

This is just one of many ways to manipulate viewing in SOLIDWORKS, different methods include use of keyboard shortcuts, selection of the reference triad and standard mouse manipulation. Personally, a combination of this shortcut and standard mouse manipulation gives me the freedom to move the view as I please. However, as with many parts of SOLIDWORKS there are lots of ways to achieve the same thing so this is purely a personal preference.

Watch the Video Tutorial Here: