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Ever known the name of the feature you’re after but can’t seem to find the icon or menu item? The command search within SOLIDWORKS could save you time searching for tools or even allow you to discover features you were previously unaware of.

Command Search


The commands search is found in the top right corner in SOLIDWORKS however it is not the default search, therefore click the arrow by the side of the search and click commands to activate it. It can also be activated using the “S” shortcut key which will open up a search in commands regardless of which option you will have selected.

Command Search 2


You can then begin typing in the feature you’re after and select it from the search list. If you want to know the location of the feature click the glasses to the right and SOLIDWORKS will move your cursor to the location of the feature.

Commands search is a useful tool which can be used in part, assembly, and drawings files to locate features and speed up your workflow.