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When working with multiple design iterations you might need to compare CAD data to ensure the geometry and properties of the SolidWorks data is in line with the project requirements.

SolidWorks Utilities are a set of tools that lets you examine, in detail, the geometry of a solid model and make comparisons to other models to verify iterations of the design.

During the webinar we will explore

  • Compare Utility (Documents, Features, Geometry, BOM’s)
  • Feature Paint
  • Find/Modify Utility
  • Find & replace annotation
  • Geometry analysis
  • Power select
  • Simplify utility
  • Symmetry check
  • Thickness analysis
  • Report manager

Register To Watch: 

The webinar is applicable to all users who are interested in rendering in SolidWorks Visualize. To register to watch the webinar live, you can do so through the Cadtek Customer Portal. (The webinar will start at 11am, Friday 12th September 2017)

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