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Certified SolidWorks Training Courses

Cadtek is able to offer a comprehensive schedule of training in all of the SolidWorks products (including some partner products such as SolidCAM) from numerous venues across the UK. As part of our partnership with Solid Solutions Management we are able to offer shared training centre resources to increase the scope and scale of each of our training services. To book on a course or enquire about our training packages simply click on the course you are interested in and fill out the online form or call us directly on 01663 741 405.


Training Passport

Become a SolidWorks Expert with a complete training passport


SolidWorks CAD Training

12 Training courses covering all aspects of mechanical design


SolidWorks Simulation

8 courses for virtual prototyping from fundamentals to complex FEA


Design Communications

5 courses covering MBD, Composer, Visualize and Inspection


SolidWorks Electrical

5 Training courses covering all aspects of electrical design



13 Training courses covering SolidCAM, SWOOD and SigmaNEST

SolidWorks PDM Training

Product Data Management

2 PDM Training courses covering SoildWorks PDM Standard & Professional

CAD training Courses - Design Automation

Design Automation

A series of training courses covering software such as DriveWorks

The Training Passport

Our training passport is the perfect solution to achieving a high quality skillset and full competency in the SolidWorks software suite. With one passport you can unlock access to 30 days training. Purchasing a passport represents great savings against buying courses individually.

SolidWorks CAD Training Courses

Design Communication Training Courses

SolidWorks Electrical Training Courses


SolidWorks PDM Training

PDM Training Courses

Addition CAD training Courses - Design Automation

Design Automation Training Courses

Common SolidWorks training questions

Our SolidWorks training curriculum covers all of the products we sell. We can also create bespoke, customised content. We deliver courses from our own training centres, locations specifically hired when a new location is needed and from customer sites when requested. Below you can read through a list of frequently asked questions. If you still have more you would like to know please contact us.

Can you do on-site training for my company?
Yes. We are able to organise training courses for your teams on-site. We can use our own training equipment or your own (if suitable).
Can I train online from home?
We do not advise this as a practical format to learn SolidWorks. Our courses are classroom based and instructor led using manuals, whiteboards demonstrations and breakouts.
What time do training courses start?
Training courses are full day and usually start at 9am. (On the first day we usually start at 9:30am)
What time does the course end?
We end training courses between 5:00 and 5:30 each day although on a full week course we usually end slightly earlier on the Friday.
Are you a certified training centre?
Yes. All of our courses are officially authorised through Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation and delivered by certified trainers.
What qualifications do I get at the end of the course?
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate proving your completion. Our training courses provide the basis for you to take the official SOLIDWORKS Certification exams such as the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP).
Is there an exam at the end of the course?
No. The structure of the course involves a number of practical sessions throughout the week. You are provided with a certificate to prove you have completed the full course.
Do you have local accommodation you can recommend?
Yes. We keep an up-to-date list of local accommodation for most of the venues we use. These usually come in the form of recommendations from previous attendees. Information on these is available once your booking is confirmed.
What equipment do I need to bring?
None. We provide everything you need to complete the course.
Is lunch provided?
Yes. Food is provided (buffet style) each lunchtime, with refreshments throughout the rest of the day. We can cater for specific dietary requirements if notified at time of booking.
What do I need to do to prepare for the course?
There are a list of recommended pre-requisites for each course. Please see each course page for details.
How many others will be on the course?
We structure our classroom based training for groups of between four and eight people. This allows for the trainer to offer full attention to individual needs.
What is your cancellation policy?
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions here:


Can I swap with a colleague who can’t attend?
Yes. We can arrange for an alternative colleague to attend the course. However this is not possible if the course has been booked as part of the training promise or the course has been purchased as part of a ‘Training Passport’.
Can you explain your training promise?
Simply put – you can resit a course in full within one year of the original start date free of charge. This promise has been created in recognition that it is not always possible to put your new found skills to use immediately after taking a course. If several months pass before you are able to work with SOLIDWORKS in a proper working environment, some of what you have been taught may have been forgotten. The training promise from Cadtek ensures that your investment in our training is never wasted.
Who will I be trained by?
All of our trainers are fully qualified to teach SOLIDWORKS. They have each been officially certified by Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation as part of a joint commitment to the highest levels of training and support.
How long does my training voucher remain valid?
Normally a training voucher is valid for 12 months.
What is the dress code?
Our usual suggestion for trainees is office casual but you are welcome to attend in whatever you feel comfortable in. All our training rooms are air conditioned.

Our Training Promise

We understand how difficult getting time away from the office can be but often people forget how difficult it can be to put into practice what you have been taught on a course as soon as you get back. Project deadlines, work pressures and other work demands sometimes make it difficult to get straight back to work and to start using your new skills straight away. Recognising this we came up with Cadtek’s Training Promise. If, at anytime within one year of first taking your training course, you feel that you have not been able to benefit fully from your training you are free to come back and attend the same course again… completely free of charge.