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Join us for the 6th December’s Webcast Wednesday for a two part tips and tricks recap from our SOLIDWORKS 2018 launch events. If you were able to attend one of our  events and need to refresh yourself on that killer tip that you couldn’t quite fully remember or you couldn’t make it on the day then register for these two 20minute webinars.

We will focus on improving efficiency, making your day to day routines quicker and automating things that might have previously been time consuming or difficult….giving you more time to focus on what’s important… designing better products! The scope of the tips is quite broad so whether you are a relative new comer to the world of SOLIDWORKS or you’re a seasoned pro we hope you’ll find something new in these sessions.

SolidWorks Tips & Tricks Part I:
Our first webinar will be begin at 11:00am GMT on Wednesday 6th December, you can click here to register.

SolidWorks Tips & Tricks Part II:
Our second webinar will begin at 3:00pm GMT on Wednesday 6th December, you can click here to register.

SolidWorks PCB Webinar

SolidWorks Webinar Join us next Tuesday for an open session as we look at the importance of variant management and collaboration. You will see how SolidWorks MCAD and ECAD solutions will help you in designing product variants to achieve maximum efficiency...

Webinar Preview: Working with Large Assemblies

Working with Large Assemblies, Part One SOLIDWORKS has various tools and techniques to aid working with larger assemblies, this webcast focuses on diagnosing problems and some fundamental strategies for working with large assemblies. You can expect to see...

Webinar Preview: SolidWorks Assemblies

SolidWorks Basics – Assemblies SolidWorks Assemblies allow you to build complete working products component by component. They are the building blocks used to take your design, step-by-step, to the final product. They allow you to add constraints between...