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When adding multiple of the same features to models in SolidWorks there are multiple methods of how repeated features can be added. For example you can access ‘Recent Commands’ by right clicking in the display window – this will provide fast, easy access to the most recently used operations.

A design may often have multiple different sized fillets – and it can be a repetitive process adding them in one by one – sometimes requiring up to three mouse clicks. When adding fillets – top tip – add cosmetic fillets at the end of modelling the part – and always try to begin by adding the largest ones first.

The Return Key

When a feature such as a fillet has been added you can easily re-access the command by clicking the ‘Return’ key or ‘Enter’ and it will reopen the feature ‘PropertyManager’ tab allowing you to quickly add more fillets. The ‘Return’ key is also useful for quickly escaping the ‘PropertyManager’ once the feature details have been added – pressing ‘Return’ after this will establish the feature and the set parameters.

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