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Fidget Spinner

Learn how to create one of the largest trends to hit the market in 2017 in under 15 minutes. To recreate this fidget spinner, you will need the basic know how of the following features:

  1. Boss Extrusions
  2. Fillets
  3. Simple Mates
  4. Toolbox Components
  5. PhotoView 360

Step 1: Creating the sketch

Start off by creating the centre circle (Ø 22mm) connected to another circle of equal Ø, offsetted vertically by 30mm. Create a circular pattern using the top circle – tick ‘Equal Spacing’ and set the seperation angle to 360˚ – you need three instances. Click ‘Fully Define’ to define the sketch.

Using the ‘Offset’ tool located under the ‘Sketch’ tool bar on the Command Manager – offset the three outer patterned circles by 5mm. Using the ‘3 Point Arc’ tool connect the circles, apply tangent relations and add a dimension of Ø 30mm.

Fidget Spinner

Step 2: Boss-Extrudsion

Fidget Spinner

Select the four sketch regions and apply a depth of 7mm. Change the direction to ‘Mid Plane’ – this will extrude the feature from the sketch equally in both directions.

Step 3: Fillet Feature

Apply a fillet to the solid body using the ‘Full round fillet’ option, select both side faces and an inner cylindercal face for the parameter options. Ensure tangent propagation is selected.

Apply a constant size fillet to the inner circular holes using the cylinderacle faces as reference – set the fillet parameter to a radius of 0.5mm.

Fidget Spinner

Step 4: Assembly Production Using Toolbox Components

Fidget Spinner

Change the appearance of the body by using the ‘Appearances, Scenes and Decals’ – located on the ‘Task Pane’. Select ‘High Gloss’ within the ‘Pastic’ folder – for this tutorial I selected the ‘Blue High Gloss’ appearance and applied it to the body.

Save the part under your desired folder and go to: File > Make Assembly From Part – this will open a new assembly file. Insert the saved part. Using the design library features in the task pane, select toolbox and click ‘Add in now’. Find ‘Angular Contact Ball Bearing’ using the following path: BSI > Bearings > Ball Bearings. Select the desired bearing and drag it into the assembly, hover over the selected hole and you will see the bearing snap and change position depending on the face selected.

Copy the following component configurations:


Size: 36
Bore: 6
Thickness: 7
Number of Balls: Full
Display: Detailed
Cage: Add Cage


It will then prompt you to insert the component into each of the created slots – follow the same procedure as previously described – snap the components to the desired inner faces.

Right click on the main body and select ‘Fix’. Then add a coincident mate selecting the top face of the bearing along with the top face of the main body, repeat for each bearing. Add concentric mates by selecting the outer cyclindrical face of the bearing and the inner face of the hole.

Use the ‘Move Component’ tool located on the ‘Command Manager’ to see the interaction of the components defined by the mates.

Fidget Spinner

Step 5: PhotoView 360 Rendering

Fidget Spinner

To access ‘PhotoView 360’ enable it under the ‘SolidWorks Add-Ins’ located in the Command Manager and then select the Render Tools Tab. Place the product in the desired location and angle, establish the render options by determining the output image size/quality then preview the render adjusting accordingly and complete the final render.

The lighting and background scenes can be changed using the ‘Scenes’ dropdown located in the Task Pane under ‘Appearances, Scenes and Decal’ tab.

SolidWorks Simulation

Fidget Spinner

Use the motion analysis tool to simulate the fidget spinner by creating a motion study, if you are interested in learning more on simulation or any other topic discussed you can access our vast library of Quick Tips, tutorials or Webinars by looking at the blog section of our website which can be found here.

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