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Static Systems has been in business for 50 years, and we have grown to a company with over 200 employees and we are a leader in the healthcare market. One of the reasons we have become a leader in the market is because we listen, we listen to the individual requirements of the healthcare industry from the estates level right through to the doctors and nurses working on the ward area. We won’t just work to what the standard requires we will work to what our customer requires.

Ventura is bed area services trunking. It is designed to be used in hospital environments to take services to patients behind their beds such as sockets and gas services. The concept behind the new product was to design a new trunking system that would be modular, have a reduced cost and a minimal part count. We looked very closely at where our cost model needed to be – we wanted to be competitive against the other providers in the healthcare environment. Using SOLIDWORKS we could look much more closely at where we could make cost savings in terms of manufacturing processes and design features.

Some of our challenges include working to the Healthcare Technical Memorandums (HTMs), British Standards and the client’s requirements because as we have seen from our experience no two hospitals will work and nurse in exactly the same way.

SOLIDWORKS has helped us improve the time to market by around 50% over previous projects of a similar nature. We had a previous product that took 2 years to get to market. Using SOLIDWORKS we have managed to reduce that getting the parts to market in around 6 to 8 months.

Before SOLIDWORKS we used a different CAD package in which we would work up a number of different iterations, try as many scenarios we could think of and timescales would be somewhere between 2 and 3 years. With SOLIDWORKS we can use the same part a number of times to reduce design repetition.

Revision control is a lot simpler using the SOLIDWORKS PDM product and we can implement the same part a number of times saving on manufacturing data being duplicated. PDM has saved us so much time in terms of not having to re-invent the wheel time after time. If a part is factored into the design, is workable and reusable we will use it. It (PDM) has improved the workflow throughout the company, it means we have just one central point to find all our project information from.

We use SOLIDWORKS Composer to create the illustrations used in our installation guides. This quickly speeds up the process of generating user information over the traditional illustration methods we used to use. Previously it would have taken up to 6 months to fully illustrate a manual but in the Ventura product using SOLIDWORKS Composer we have managed to do that in about 2 weeks.

SOLIDWORKS Composer has hugely changed how we get our marketing material ready to go with the product launch. Using Composer in tandem with SOLIDWORKS PDM as the design is being developed we can notify the marketing team of any changes using PDM and they can automatically update their images using composer.

Using DriveWorks we can make a bespoke solution using existing engineering information and the time saving is dramatic. What used to take anything from 3 or 4 hours in a standard CAD format we can produce in 20 minutes using DriveWorks. At the same time not only are you producing material which is good for marketing and your sales team, engineering data ready for manufacturing is being produced at the same time.

We have worked with Cadtek now for quite a few years to implement the different software packages we use. At each stage they have advised us about what we can do and how we can use the software to get better functionality out of it and also to improve our systems.

With Cadtek it is where to stop. They are always there at the end of the phone and their guys are more than happy to help with an individual problem or provide us with a suite of solutions to suit your individual requirements. With the help of our partners at SOLIDWORKS and Cadtek we see the products growing to touch other parts of the business, manufacturing, marketing and sales literature all being controlled from one common interface. When we look at our design using SOLIDWORKS we are working smarter and getting our products to the market quicker.


Static Systems are the leading services provider to healthcare sector. This case study looks at the design and development of the trunking and services delivery system around hospital beds called Ventura. Using SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Composer Static has been able to deliver this system to market more quickly than previous projects with efficiency savings, new working methods and benefits downstream for future designs.


50% quicker time to market

Manuals illustrated in 2 weeks instead of 6 months

PDM has improved workflow throughout the company