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This year’s SolidWorks world is nearly upon us. More than 5,000 members of the SolidWorks community will be joining in Los Angeles to gain insight to the new SolidWorks 2018, this event has numerous breakout sessions and over the three-day period attendees will be learning the latest in 3D design.

This year is the 20th anniversary of SolidWorks World! SolidWorks World has provided a space where enthusiastic SolidWorks users can meet face-to-face to help share ideas, stories and also to discuss the latest in computer design.

After the general session there is then time to explore the 200+ sessions at the convention to help expand your SolidWorks knowledge and skills. For more details on this years agenda click here.

A breakdown of SolidWorks World 2017!

At SolidWorks World last year new and improved features were shown throughout the event and there was certainly a lot of opportunity to learn more about SolidWorks and its features, learning handy tips and tricks and also discussing ideas with other attendees. For more information on last year’s SolidWorks World click here.

Webinar Preview: SolidWorks Basics – Features

SolidWorks Basics – Features SolidWorks Features turn your sketch geometry into 3D geometry. They are the building blocks used to take your design, step-by-step, to the final product. They allow you to add and remove material in a number of different ways,...

Webinar Preview: Sketching

SolidWorks Basics – Sketching Sketches are the foundation of all SolidWorks models and the building block for the majority of SolidWorks features. A great SolidWorks model relies on well constrained sketch geometry underneath every single feature. Whether...

Webinar Preview: What’s New in SolidWorks 2018 PDM

What’s New in SolidWorks PDM 2018. The webinars will outline and demonstrate the new User and Administration enhancements of SolidWorks PDM 2018 including: –   Revision Table Integration.Revision tables can now be updated by SolidWorks PDM Detailed Warning...