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How much is it to rent SolidWorks?

In July of this year, Autodesk stopped the sale of all perpetual licenses in favour of monthly and yearly Subscription fees. What that means for Inventor and AutoCAD users is that if you want to continue using Autodesk products, you are forced to pay a monthly or annual fee. While this change is upsetting many longtime users of Inventor and AutoCAD, what is SolidWorks Term Licensing and how is it different?

With SolidWorks 2017 it is now possible to rent licenses of SolidWorks (3D CAD) and SolidWorks Simulation. Cadtek Systems and SolidWorks have recognised there are occasions when flexible software licensing is required.

Start-ups, makers, consultants, contractors and smaller businesses can have times when a term licensing model may suite. If you employ a placement student or intern over a summer, have a short term project that requires design validation or bring in a contractor on a short term period, Term Licensing may offer the flexibility you need. Unlike other CAD software, SolidWorks gives you the option to decide which licensing model makes best business sense to you.

See our FAQ guide below to some common questions asked or call us on 01663 741 405 to discuss your own individual requirements.

Can I rent SolidWorks?

Yes, from SolidWorks 2017 SP.0 Term Licensing will be available for the following SolidWorks products:

SolidWorks Standard
SolidWorks Professional
SolidWorks Premium

SolidWorks Simulation Standard
SolidWorks Simulation Professional
SolidWorks Simulation Premium

Can I spread the cost of term licensing?

Payment is required upfront for the term length that meets your needs, 3 months or 12.

What is the minimum/maximum length I can have a Term License?

SolidWorks Term licenses are available in two term lengths; 3 months and 12 months. Once the time is up, whether its 3 or 12 months you will require to purchase an extension to continue to use the software. With a traditional perpetual license, you are able to use the software indefinitely, as long as your machine allows you to.

Can I Float a term license of SolidWorks?

No. SolidWorks Term Licensing products are only available as standalone licenses.

Can I transfer a term license of SolidWorks to a different machine?

Yes. A SolidWorks license can only be active on one machine at a time so you will need to deactivate the license before moving it. You can do this by using the license transfer functionality inside SolidWorks (Help > Transfer License).

See our recent blog article…How to transfer a license in SolidWorks for more on this.

When does it pay to have a Perpetual License over a Term License?

There is a higher upfront cost to a perpetual SolidWorks license however there are longer term savings. Software updates are included with the annual support meaning that you are always on the latest edition. And, with Cadtek’s financing options you may be able to spread the cost of a perpetual license reducing the initial outlay.

There are times though when a term license may be more appropriate and that is why with SolidWorks you now have the flexibility to choose between perpetual (owned) or short term (leased) licenses.

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