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Skills Gap Assessment

Find out what your SOLIDWORKS skill levels are

Skills Gap Assessment Overview

Cadtek’s Skills Gap Assessment provides a test set by, and then fully evaluated by, one of our design engineers. The online report provides valuable insights into your modelling techniques. The report highlights where you can improve your skills, increase your speed and efficiency, capture your design intent and build in robustness to accommodate future design changes.


How can the Skills Gap Assessment be used?

Initially we have two scenarios in which the test can be used.

The assessment has a number of possible uses and can answer many questions such as:
• Do I have any bad design habits?
• Am I ready for certification?
• Am I ready to take an advanced training course?
• Are there features in SOLIDWORKS I am not aware of that I should be using?

The report can also be used when evaluating interview candidates to help assess their skill levels for positions within your business. There are many routes through which people can build their SOLIDWORKS experience and skills. These can include previous emloyment, University, formal training from a certified training centre such as Cadtek or even self-taught using online tutorials. To help employers evaluate a prospective employee we are able to offer a Recruitment Bundle using a single model that can be used for up to 5 candidates. Our expert engineers will assess the models produced and provide feedback to help you make more informed recruitment decisions.

“The Cadtek Skills Gap Assessment introduced me to new modelling approaches and encouraged me to use a bigger range of features and options in SOLIDWORKS.”

Xose Portela
Professional Lifting Services Ltd

Sample question report

What next? – If you would like more information regarding the Skills Gap Assessment service please call one of our Technical Account Managers on 01663 741 405


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