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Static analysis for assembly capability forms the main Simulation functionality to users of SolidWorks Premium and Simulation Standard. It is bound by a series of assumptions that should be applied to the structures being assessed;

  • Material behaviour is linear
  • Structural Deformation is elastic
  • Structural Displacement is small
  • Load application is static

This week’s webinar will discuss the implications and results when the inputs provided by the user fall outside the bounds of the assumptions.

Simulation Studies

We will run through 3 case studies to expand upon the statements above:

  • Contact between tool punch and blank
  • Bending of a spring
  • Assessment of a ladder step

Register To Watch: 

The webinar is applicable to all users who are interested in rendering in SolidWorks Visualize. To register to watch the webinar live, you can do so through the Cadtek Customer Portal. (The webinar will start at 11am, Friday 18th August 2017)

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