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SolidWorks PDM Implementation

Implementation Services for SolidWorks PDM

Cadtek Systems has been implementing data management solutions for our customers for over 25 years. The Cadtek SolidWorks PDM team is widely respected for its expertise, flexibility, and the ability to exceed expectations.

We have completed over 70+ implementations of SolidWorks PDM from single users all the way to 50 plus user, multi-site implementations and everything in between. Our dedicated group of SolidWorks PDM engineers have over 200 man years’ of experience. Their focus is solely on supporting and implementing SolidWorks PDM.

Quick Start Implementation

We know that each company is different, so we offer many different ways to configure a SolidWorks PDM implementation. This flexibility allows us to make sure we get it just right for each customer. From our Quick Start “Best Practice” vaults all the way to fully configured vaults, we will deliver exactly as promised on our comprehensive Statements of Work. Using this approach we are able to get customers up and running in a matter of days.

SolidWorks Health Check

Cadtek’s SolidWorks Health Check service offers an easy way to assess the quality of existing SolidWorks CAD data. By quantifying the scale of existing data integrity issues, our health check can help justify the need for, and use of SolidWorks PDM to provide better CAD data management processes and tools. Better still, the data collected during a health check can be used as the basis for an automated data migration.
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Migration Services for SolidWorks PDM

When customers need to upgrade from legacy PDM systems such as SolidWorks Workgroup PDM, MaxxDB, SmarTeam or one of several other older systems we can make sure that all of the data is transferred from one system to the other seamlessly and accurately, with the same integrity in SolidWorks PDM.

Custom Tools for SolidWorks PDM

As with all SolidWorks products, Cadtek has the engineering staff who can create custom programs for automation or unique needs that are not met in the out-of-the-box configuration of SolidWorks PDM.

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