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SOLIDWORKS PCB is focused on bringing the best of both worlds together. Do what you do best in SOLIDWORKS CAD, and let SOLIDWORKS PCB handle all of your PCB design needs which was engineered specifically for SOLIDWORKS collaboration.

Combining the best technology in PCB design with an easy-to-use interface and linked with SOLIDWORKS CAD giving you an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily — just what you need when PCBs are only a part of your product design workflow.

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[videojs mp4=”http://link.cadtek.com/PCB_Easily_Integrate_Design_Data.mp4″ webm=”http://link.cadtek.com/PCB_Easily_Integrate_Design_Data.webm” width=”510″ height=”287″ poster=”https://www.cadtek.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/SW_PCB_copper-analysis.png”]

Key Benefits

Version Control

There is no better way to unite your design environment than to have the finest degree of control between versions and changes made to your designs. Easily manage and compare all history and changes made to design files, and keep your design on track.

Unified Design Environment

Both the schematic and PCB editor are integrated in one unified system in SOLIDWORKS PCB. You will barely notice the change as you transition from your schematic to board layout process, allowing you to stay at your most productive in a familiar design environment.

Streamlined Interface

An easy-to-use interface keeps you at the highest peak of your efficiency. With a streamlined ribbon-UI layout, all the features you need for your daily workflow are at the front and centre in SOLIDWORKS PCB.

Interactive Router

An interactive routing engine helps to maximise your routing efficiency and flexibility with intuitive modes such as single trace, push, and avoid obstacle dragging to move around common obstacles in your board layout, making routing your board faster and easier than ever.

Real-Time 3D Clearance Checking

Do not waste money on costly prototypes. Confirm that your board and components fit your mechanical enclosure with a powerful 3D engine that lets you visualise the full picture of your design in Native 3D.

MCAD Integration

Making changes to your PCB designs is not limited to your PCB design environment. Easily make changes to component placement, board shape, and mounting holes directly in SOLIDWORKS CAD, and then push those changes back to SOLIDWORKS PCB as an ECO.

Managed Life-Cycle States

Manage the life-cycle states of component models separately between your ECAD and MCAD workflows. Place a component on your board in SOLIDWORKS PCB without having to wait for a mechanical model to be complete. With linked design data, an updated model will instantly be added to your design when it is ready.

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At its core, SOLIDWORKS PCB provides the best in PCB design technology, capable of meeting the demands of today’s increasingly complex product designs. Packed with all of the latest features to keep you at your most efficient from schematic to board layout with over two decades of PCB design technology running under the hood, all powered by Altium.


SOLIDWORKS PCB is a professional PCB design tool engineered specifically to bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical designs. Keep your ECAD and MCAD designs connected with managed ECO change processes, distinct workflows, and seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD, all while maintaining your preferred workflow.