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SOLIDWORKS is used across many industries. In this short tutorial Cadtek’s Jamie Thain guides you through designing a simple stand for holding cans of Coke in the Point of Sale industry, creating a simple parametric sheet metal model.

Basic Modelling

With the intuitive and customisable user interface, Jamie demonstrates just how easy and quick it is to use SOLIDWORKS whilst he models, from scratch, a simple parametric sheet metal model. Utilising library features to re-use parts and automate repetitive tasks, he shows you some of the great features of SOLIDWORKS such as automatically deriving a flat pattern from a folded sheet metal part. Being able to automatically generate bills of material and cut lists for your flattened panels you can soon have a design ready to be sent for manufacturing.

Virtual Testing

Every seat of SOLIDWORKS comes with some aspect of finite element analysis.  There is an extensive database of materials to select from in SOLIDWORKS and with the ability to virtually test your designs depending on loads, geometry or material you can optimise your designs very early on. This reduces the amount of rework, prototypes and time taken to get to your finished product.


SOLIDWORKS Sustainability gives you the ability to run studies calculating the carbon footprint of a design, often highlighting more cost effective materials to choose from.  This is done from within SOLIDWORKS itself, so you can easily make model edits and then determine whether they have improved your sustainability results.

Rendered Images

PhotoView 360 allows you to generate impressive images straight from within the SOLIDWORKS software.  Its due to this integration of the Photoview 360 software that adding decals, lights and scenes is effortless which means your products can be rendered quickly and allows you and your customers to realise your products before they have even been manufactured.
New to 2016, SOLIDWORKS Visualize (formally Bunkspeed) takes rendering a step further and gives you even more options, controls and flexibility to create photo-realistic images. A key part of the Point of Sale industry, this is a powerful way to create great content for your sales and marketing.

Be More Productive…Do More Design

All too often designers spend their energy in tasks away from design. These tools are there to allow you to do more designing and less administrative tasks. Let SOLIDWORKS do that for you!

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