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Lets take a look at our SolidWorks 2018 Top 10 enhancements. Jake Gosling, one of Cadtek’s Elite SolidWorks Application Engineers, gives you a quick tour of the best productivity gains, new features and even a brand new SolidWorks add-in. Over 90% of SolidWorks enhancements are driven from the 3 million plus user community. Above is the full video while below we have broken it down to each topic.

#1 Tab and Slot:

Many designers are turning to self fixture techniques, this can reduce time and set up cost. Tab and Slot works with many model types such as sheet metal, weldments and furniture design. Accessible in parts, multi-body parts and assemblies this enhancement reduces the number of features required on a model. A powerful tab and slot geometry in a single feature.

#2 Touch Mode:

Touch is an intuitive method of screen manipulation which has been fully integrated in SolidWorks 2018. Being able to use a pen, stylus or even a swipe of a finger to create free hand sketch geometry is now even easier in SolidWorks. Models can also be manipulated with ease. Zoom, pan, rotate and edit dimensions from the options in the touch menu bar.

#3 Assemblies:

When creating a linear pattern of components within an assembly, there is now the ability to add an optional rotation. Removing the need for additional features, this simple enhancement speeds the design process. Create of all kinds of iterations and innovative designs quickly.

Quickly and easily add explode lines with the new smart explode line tool. SolidWorks automatically gathers all the component in the view and generates each explode line. If a component moves, so does the explode line.

#4 Drawings:

SolidWorks 2018 gives you much more freedom to create complex drawing views. Now you can create broken out sections of an existing section and alternate position views. Layers can be used to control crosshatching visibility, style and colour. The new randomised scale option can be used to increase clarity by mixing up the crosshatch scaling of components when working with an assembly.

#5 eDrawings:

eDrawings 2018 introduces many new enhancements to make collaboration simpler and more powerful. Decals applied in SolidWorks can be embedded within the eDrawings file and then visualised. A number of performance enhancements have been made to improve the user experience. These include faster graphics generation and support for STEP 242 files such as cross highlighting between dimensions and geometry.

#6 3D Interconnect:

3D Interconnect allows none SolidWorks files to be inserted and their references to be maintained. If modifications are made to the original file then the changes automatically update within SolidWorks. In SolidWorks 2018 3D Interconnect supports neutral file formats including STEP, IGES and ASIS. Combined with the existing support for Inventor, Pro Engineer, NX and Solid Edge, 3D Interconnect allows you to do more with none SolidWorks files.

#7 Visualize:

SolidWorks Visualize now gives you the ability to import predefined cameras, views and lights direct from SolidWorks. This mean you have less rework to do to get great results from your model. User interface sees sub-tabs within the pallet, in-context menus on the right mouse button and the introduction of the same view presets used within SolidWorks.

#8 Flow Simulation:

In SolidWorks Flow Simulation we are now able to solve problems involved with direct interactions between liquids and gasses. This is a significant addition to the software and opens up a large number of applications.

#9 Topological Optimization:

Topological Optimization is a brand new capability in SolidWorks Simulation. This can be used to automatically generate a sub-structure to fill a particular design space without the need to provide initial features for the study to vary.

#10 SolidWorks CAM:

SolidWorks CAM is available to all users of SolidWorks 2018 whether you have SolidWorks Standard, Professional or Premium. A brand new CAM tool that has 2.5 axis functionality and automatically recognises feature types, assigning the relevant machining process.

Want to hear more about the SolidWorks 2018 enhancements? Watch our What’s New in 2018 series in the customer portal for Cadtek customers. If you are considering SolidWorks for the first time or a returning user call us on 01663 741405 to arrange a free trial.

Keep an eye out on our blog for more information on the upcoming SolidWorks World 2018! SolidWorks World will be streamed LIVE all the way from Los Angeles featuring guest speakers including the announcement of the Mako Jetboard competition winner.

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