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What is SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional?

Simulation Professional Capabilities

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional extends the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation, so you can expand your virtual testing environment to evaluate the longevity of your design. It also allows you to measure complex load scenarios.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional comes with a range of features and capabilities to help you improve your design. Below is a list of some of its powerful features that you could benefit from – along with some useful information, if you require any more information feel free to contact us in the box below.

Part and Assembly Modelling

3D Solid ModelingCreate 3D parts with complex geometries, assemblies, and associated drawings; drawings automatically update with part and assembly changes, to keep all your design data up to date ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Large Assembly Design ToolsCreate and manage extremely large designs and work in either detailed or simplified modes ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Conceptual DesignSOLIDWORKS conceptual design capabilities enable you work with all types of conceptual design data, including sketches, images, Adobe® Illustrator® files, 3D scan data, and existing 3D and 2D CAD data. That makes your design process faster, saves time and development costs, and increases productivity. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Assembly Structure Planning: SOLIDWORKS TreehouseScope out how your next designs will be structured with SOLIDWORKS Treehouse. A great tool for managers and designers alike, the intuitive user interface allows you to plan how your assembly will be arranged before you actually start designing. Treehouse enables you to name your components, drag in existing designs, create configurations, and add custom properties all before doing any new design work in SOLIDWORKS. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Advanced surfacingCreate and edit complex solid and surface geometry, including stylish, curve-continuous (C2) surfaces, using “push-pull” control points on the geometry ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Sheet metalDesign from scratch or convert your 3D part to sheet metal— flatten your design and document for manufacturing ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
WeldmentsQuickly design and fully document welded structures composed of structural members, plates, gussets, and other items ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Plastic Part DesignA broad set of design tools enables the creation of simple or complex plastic and cast parts and ensures that designs can be successfully molded and manufactured. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Mold designDesign molded parts and the tooling to make them—including core and cavity, draft, parting surfaces, and mold base components ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Read PCB data as 3D partsUtilise IDF files to create 3D part represenations of circuit board data. IDF, ProStep (IDX) or PADS (*.ASC) ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Direct model modificationModify models through a simple “push-pull” approach no matter how the underlying features were created ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

2D Drawings

Automatic Drawing View CreationSimply drag and drop the 3D model into a drawing to create views with hidden lines, hidden lines removed, wire frame, or even shaded views. Include all types of views such as isometrics, sections, partial sections, and detailed view ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatic Drawing View UpdatesChanges to the 3D part and assembly models are automatically reflected in the drawing views that are in synch with the 3D model ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Dimensioning and TolerancingAutomate the generation and placement of dimensions, including geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. (GD&T) standards. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
AnnotationCreate a complete drawing by adding all necessary tolerances, symbols, notes, hole call-outs, and tables ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Bill of materials, cut listsGenerate automated BOM and cut lists with balloons that update with model changes. Output BOM from an assembly or drawing for printing or upload to ERP/MRP systems ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatic hole tables, weld & pipe bending dataAutomatically list critical manufacturing information in standard tabular formats ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Sheet Metal Bend NotesAutomatically flatten and document sheet metal designs for manufacturing. Speeding up design, saving time and development costs, and increasing productivity. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Drafting StandardsSupports most of the worlds leading dimensioning standards (ANSI, ISO, GOST, GB, BSI, DIN, JIS, etc.) ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Drawing control (compare)Control drawing revisions and compare drawings graphically to understand their differences ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automated Creation of Radial/Cylindrical Exploded ViewsSignificantly speed up the creation of exploded views for designs that have fasteners and components positioned radially/cylindrically around an axis. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Design Re-use and Automation

SOLIDWORKS SearchEnable users to search for any file—on their computer, network, SOLIDWORKS PDM system, or Internet ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Design Automation (DriveWorksXpress)Automate repetitive design tasks, including part, assembly, and drawing generation, using DriveWorksXpress software ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
ConfigurationsAutomatically create multiple versions of parts and assemblies and save them in the same file for easy reference ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Design LibrarySave frequently used parts, features, templates, and more in the Design Library for easy access ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
3D Models from Suppliers (3DContentCentral.com)Reduce design time by using 3D models and 2D data of catalog components from 3D ContentCentral.com and other manufacturers ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Smart ComponentsImprove efficiency by automating assembly procedures such as cutting holes or inserting fasteners with Smart Components. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Smart FastenersReduce assembly creation time by using smart hardware from the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox that sizes to existing holes. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Animations and Renderings

Move Assembly by Dragging ComponentsDemonstrate basic operation of your design by applying motion, gravity, and component contact or by manually moving components ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Move Assembly with MotorsSOLIDWORKS motion controls to rotate, slide, and move components as needed ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
CAD VideosVideo output, frame rate, and other controls. Save video for viewing by others ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Walk through/fly through animationTake a virtual walk through your design to explain it to others and record a video ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Basic CAD Rendering (RealView)Maneuver around, and even go through the design to gain perspectives impossible to capture in 2D ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans   ico_checked_trans
Integrated Rendering – Photoview360Produce life-like animations and images and bring your ideas to life with PhotoView 360. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Advanced Rendering – SOLIDWORKS Visualize StandardAvailable with every active subscription of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard produces still renders of the highest quality with it's unbiased rendering technology. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Xtended Reality (XR) Exporter

Export to Augmented/Virtual Reality.Simplify the path from SOLIDWORKS CAD to Augmented and Virtual Reality with a new export option. This new export option from SOLIDWORKS retains valuable information like geometry, appearances, motion studies, configurations, display states, meta data and more. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans   ico_checked_trans

Interference Check

Collision and Interference DetectionSOLIDWORKS 2D and 3D Collision Detection enables you to check for interferences, collisions, and clearances between components in your design to ensure proper operation before manufacturing begins. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Hole Alignment and Thread ChecksPrior to manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS confirms hole alignment between mating components in assembly designs to ensure proper fit. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Collaborate and Share

3D Interconnect for Associative Import of 3D ModelsAllows the import and use of 3D CAD data from other systemsand maintains a “link” back to the original geometry so the imported part can be automatically updated. This allows changes that are made after import to the original CAD data, in the original CAD system, to ripple through to the imported model. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Read Printed Circuit Board Data as 3D Parts (IFC)Work with CAD data from a wide variety of systems to create new designs ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Import/export over 30 CAD formatsConvert CAD data into any format your audience needs ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Print directly to 3D printersAs well as being able to output .STL and other file formats, print directly to 3D printers, similar to how you would print a document to your office printer in 3MF and AMF formats. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
MCAD to AEC: Prepare and export to AEC applicationsSOLIDWORKS provides a simple workflow process to guide you in preparing 3D models for use with AEC applications. Saves the model in familiar ACIS (*.SAT) format – which is familiar to most AEC applications ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
3D Models for CAD/CAM Integration with CAM PartnersEasily automate CAM and other downstream tasks and processes using SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partners CAM solutions fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, to help you lower costs, increase productivity, and accelerate time-to-market. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
3D Dimensioning and Tolerancing (Model Based Definition)SOLIDWORKS provides dimensioning, tolerancing, and annotating for both 2D drawings and 3D models ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Utilise 2D DWG/DXF dataMaintain exisiting 2D design data, and output 2D profiles for manufacturing ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Maintain and Update Existing 2D Drawings – edit and view DWG® files in DraftSightFree 2D CAD editor ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
2D to 3D CAD Conversion ToolsUse existing 2D DWG™/DXF™ data to help build new 3D models out as DXF/DWG files as needed directly from SOLIDWORKS 3D models and 2D drawings ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Convert 3D Solid Parts to Sheet MetalUse 2D data with SOLIDWORKS sketches to help duplicate complex areas from existing designs (a complex hole pattern, for example) ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Protect design information when sharingEasily hide selected aspects of your design prior to sharing models ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Design Review Markup and Viewing (Large Design Review)Quickly open, navigate, walk-through, measure, section, and create snapshot views with comments of massive assemblies to clearly communicate the design to your team ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
eDrawingsSOLIDWORKS eDrawings viewing technology is a compact, email-friendly file to review your 2D drawing and 3D model data together. Supports SOLIDWORKS, DWG, and numerous CAD formats and enables review including rotate, zoom, measure, mark-up, section, and virtual disassembly ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Advanced CAD File Import

Interactive Feature Recognition and ConversionSOLIDWORKS provides a variety of translators with broad capability to import and export file data, enabling you to work with a wide range of suppliers and customers. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatic Feature Recognition and ConversionAutomatically convert non-SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD models into “intelligent” SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Productivity Tools

Power Selection ToolsSelects all the entities in a part (edges, loops, faces, or features) that meet defined criteria, which can be specified for edge convexity, edge angle, face color, feature color, feature type, feature name, and surface type. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Symmetry CheckChecks automatically for geometric symmetry in parts and assemblies about a plane and identifies symmetrical, asymmetrical, and unique faces. Automatic Symmetry Check reduces a part to its smallest repeatable symmetrical body—especially useful when running analyses using simulation software. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Copy Feature Info into Other Features (Feature Paint)Copies feature parameters (such as depth, size, and so on) from one feature to others that you select. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Find and Replace in DrawingFinds a set of features in a part that satisfy specified parameter conditions and edits them in a batch mode. Find and replaces text in a variety of annotations for part, assembly, and drawing documents. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Design for Manufacturing

Thickness AnalysisAutomatically calculate and graphically display part thickness so the designer can focus on areas where molding problems are likely to occur ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Geometry Check for CAMDFMXpress —Compare your design to standardised manufacturing rules to assess if your design can be produced ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Compare Parts and Drawings for ChangesSOLIDWORKS tools compare parts and drawings, and graphically show differences between two versions of a design, so the differences caused by an engineering change can be quickly understood. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Rules-based Manufacturability Checks (DFMXpress)Use DFMXpress to identify design areas that might cause problems during fabrication or increase production costs, and quickly review parts with mill, drill, turning, sheet metal, and injection molding requirements. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Draft and Undercut AnalysisDraft Analysis—Determine if a part is drafted sufficiently considering the material selected for removal from the mold or forging tool. Undercut Analysis—Determine if an undercut feature is present in a part so it can be understood and fixed, or removed (if undesired), or designed into the tooling so that the undercut feature can be produced ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Sheet Metal Checks and Flat PatternAutomatically flatten your sheet metal design with bend allowance and document it for manufacturing. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans


Integrated CAM Programming ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
2.5 and 3 Axis Milling ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Knowledge Based Machining ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Toleranced Based Machining ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
NC Editor ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

CAD Libraries

Over One Million Standard Fasteners and Components (Toolbox)Vast component library containing over a million standard hardware items. Components corresponding to a wide range of international standards—ANSI, AS, BSI, CISC, DIN, GB, IS, ISO, JS, KS, US MIL ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Beam, Bearing, and Cam Design Wizard Eliminates duplication, and helps your company standardise its CAD data ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatic Assembly of Fasteners and ComponentsFasteners that automatically assemble and adjust length appropriately for part thickness, washers, and nut stack up ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans


Automatic Task Scheduling and Batch Processing ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Design for Cost & Cost Estimation

On-Line Cost Estimates via MySOLIDWORKS Manufacturing NetworkFrom SOLIDWORKS, get instant cost estimates from any manufacturer in the MySOLIDWORKS Manufacturing Network ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Compare Manufacturing CostsAssess manufacturing cost for sheet metal and machined parts in real time as you design, with automatic updates every time the design is changed ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automated Manufacturing Cost EstimationDesign and manufacturing groups can share knowledge directly through the templates, enabling designers to make more informed product design decisions based on automatic cost estimation ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Customisable Manufacturing SettingsManufacturing templates that can be customised for your company’s specific manufacturing needs. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Output Cost ReportTemplates are provided for sheet metal and machined part costing ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

ECAD/MCAD Collaboration (CircuitWorks™)

Import/Export of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) DesignsImport detailed electronic designs from ECAD, review the design, then build the PCB assembly with SOLIDWORKS software ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatic Electrical Component Assembly ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Two-Way Data Exchange: ECAD to MCAD – MCAD to ECADDesigns can start with mechanical aspects of PCB design and then be passed to electrical engineers to create the electronic design. The overall design can then be passed back to the mechanical engineers. This process repeats continuously during the product design and development process. ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
IDF, ProStep (IDX) or PADS (*.ASC)Exchange data with CircuitWorks using IDF, ProStep (IDX) or PADS (*.ASC) formats ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
PCB Outlines, Keep-Out Areas, Maximum HeightsCreate PCB outlines, keep-out/keep-in areas, locations of major components, and maximum heights—then pass the design to electronics designers ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Filter Display for Clarification ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Compare Board Designs for DifferencesCompare different boards and board revisions to fully understand differences ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Design Change NotesInclude design change notes as data passes between electrical and mechanical team members ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

CAD Standards Checking

Verify Designs against Company StandardsEstablish design standards, and then check drawings (or models) against them as you design to ensure consistent and complete drawing outputs ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatically Correct Non-Conforming Issues ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Automated Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (TolAnalyst)

Worst Case and RSS Maximum/MinimumAssess min/max tolerances ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Identify Highest Contributing TolerancesPerform root-sum-squared (RSS) tolerance analysis ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automatic Update of Analysis when Design Changes ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

SOLIDWORKS File Management (SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard)

User and Group Access Rights ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
File Vaulting ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automated Manufacturing Cost Estimation ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Secure Check-in and Check-out ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Automated Revision Control ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Reverse Engineering (ScanTo3D)

Import, Edit, Evaluate, and Create Solid Geometry from Point Cloud and Mesh DataUtilise Wizards for mesh, curve, and surface. Refine imported mesh and then convert to SOLIDWORKS 3D solid part ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Import Adobe® Illustrator® Files ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Import Image Files and Convert Raster to Vector Data ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

eDrawings® Professional

Augmented and Virtual Reality Support ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Add a Tooltip TextDynamic Cross SectioningAdd a Tooltip Text ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Enable Markup of eDrawings FilesMeasure, mark up, comment, stamp, re-order views ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Exploded Views Support for eDrawings Files ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
View Assembly Animations ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
View Mass Properties ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans

Motion Analysis

Kinematic and Dynamic AnalysisMotion analysis is solved using a time-based approach for rigid body kinematic and dynamic problems ico_checked_trans
Inputs: Forces, Springs, Dampers, Gravity, Contact, Bushings ico_checked_trans
Outputs: Displacement, Velocities, Accelerations, Body Loads, Joint Forces ico_checked_trans
View/Publish Animations, Graphs, Reports ico_checked_trans

Structural Part and Assembly Analysis (SOLIDWORKS Simulation)

Basic stress analysis of parts with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Xpress ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans ico_checked_trans
Inputs: Variable Forces/Pressures, Full Restraint Sets, Connectors, Gravity, Contact, Materials ico_checked_trans
Outputs: Factor of Safety, Stress, Displacement, Strain ico_checked_trans
View/Publish Animations, Graphs, Reports ico_checked_trans

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability

Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) for Environmental Impact: SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityPerform an environmental assessment with SOLIDWORKS Sustainability. Change the manufacturing processes for a part (for example, milling vs. water jet cutting) and see the cost and environmental impacts ico_checked_trans

Routing of Pipes and Tubes

Create Detailed Piping SystemsCreate piping system designs with butt welded, socket welded, threaded, and other connections ico_checked_trans
Create Flexible or Rigid Tubing Lines ico_checked_trans
Customisable Library of Piping ComponentsUse the Routing Library Manager (RLM) wizard to guide creation of custom piping/tubing components ico_checked_trans
Automatic Assembly of Hangers and Supports ico_checked_trans
Output Tube Bend Data for Manufacturing ico_checked_trans
Cut Length Calculations Automated for BOMAutomatically create bill of material (BOM), cut lists, bend tables, and other manufacturing documentation ico_checked_trans
Automatic Routing Option for Pipes and TubesAuto-route pipe/tube paths through the design that can be easily edited according to assembly and service needs ico_checked_trans
Minimum Bend Radius Check for TubesEnsure minimum bend radii in flexible tube systems ico_checked_trans
Output of PCF files for ISOGEN® piping software ico_checked_trans

Routing of Electrical Cabling and Wiring Harnesses

Create Detailed Electrical Cable and Wiring Harnesses ico_checked_trans
Run Rigid or Flexible Electrical Conduit SegmentsRoute electrical cable, harness, and conduit systems through your product, including ribbon cable ico_checked_trans
Conduit ico_checked_trans
Ribbon Cable ico_checked_trans
Wire Lengths Automatically Calculated ico_checked_trans
Automated Harness Flattening for Manufacturing ico_checked_trans
BOM and Wire Cut ListsGenerate complete bill of material (BOM) and wire cut lists for harnesses for manufacturing ico_checked_trans
Automatic Routing Using Imported “From-To” Connection Data ico_checked_trans
Mounting Hardware, Splices, Connectors, Insulation, Looms, Heat-Shrink Tubing, Cable Ties ico_checked_trans

SOLIDWORKS Premium Additional Tools

Routing of Rectangular and Other Sections ico_checked_trans
Advanced Surface Flattening ico_checked_trans
Assembly Level Cost Roll Up ico_checked_trans
  SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
Concurrent Engineering- Fully Embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD - Full Associativity with 3D Design Changes - Support SOLIDWORKS Configurations - SOLIDWORKS Material Properties Support - Batch Run
Finite Element Analysis- Solid, Shell and Beam modeling - h and p adaptive element type - Mesh control capabilities - Failure Mesh Diagnostic - Simplify model tool for meshing - Customisable Material Library
Contacts and Connectors- Bonded contact condition - Node-to-node, surface-to-surface contact condition - Shrink Fit condition - Virtual Wall condition - Connectors: bolt, spring, pin, elastic support and bearing - Connectors Safety Check - Self-contact condition
Post Processing- Contour, Iso-Surface, Surface, Section Result Plot - Probe tool - Design Insight - Compare test data - List values on selected entities - Animation of Results
Communication- Customisable simulation report - eDrawings of Simulation results  
Linear Static Simulation for Assembly- Analyse the structural behavior or parts and assemblies under loading - Fixtures to prescribe zero or non-zero displacements - Structural loads - Import Flow/Thermal Effects - Calculation of stress, strain, displacement and FOS - Calculation of reaction forces and moments - Load Case Manager  
Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation  
Design Comparison Studies- What-if scenarios based on defined variables (dimensions, mass properties, simulation data)
Trend Tracker- Detect trends in results from different iterations of a static study  
Fatigue Simulation- Analyse the life expectancy of structure under repeated loading - Theory of Cumulative Damage - Outputs: life, damage and factor of safety plots    
Design Optimisation (based on Simulation data)    
Advanced Contacts & Connectors- Thermal contact resistance condition - Insulated condition - Edge and spot weld connector  
Event-Based Motion Simulation  
Frequency Simulation- Analyse the natural frequencies and mode shape of parts and assemblies - Load Stiffening    
Buckling or Collapse Simulation- Analyse slender structure for critical buckling factors and the associated buckling mode shapes    
Structural Thermal Simulation    
Drop Test Simulation- Analyse the effect of the impact of a part or an assembly on a target surface - Inputs: drop height, gravity, velocity at impact - Outputs: stress, displacement, and strains    
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation- Analyse the structural behavior or parts and assemblies under loading - Linear combination and square root of the sum of the squares (SRSS)    
Submodeling Simulation- Analyse the structural resistance of a sub model from a main assembly  
2D Simplification- Plane Stress - Plane Strain - Axisymmetric    
Load Case Manager- Evaluate the effects of various load combinations on your model  
Non Linear Simulation- Transient (time dependent) loads - Large component deformation - Nonlinear materials - Self-contact for nonlinear analysis - Real-time visual updates while solving    
Dynamic Simulation- Modal Time History Analysis - Harmonic Analysis - Random Vibration Analysis - Response Spectrum Analysis - Estimate component life based on dynamic loading    
Composites Components Simulation    


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation HVAC Module Electronic Cooling Module
Ease of UseSOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is fully embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD for ease of use and data integrity. Using the same user interface (UI) paradigms as SOLIDWORKS with toolbars, menus, and context-sensitive right-click menus, ensures rapid familiarization. Built-in tutorials and searchable online help aid learning and troubleshooting  
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation supports SOLIDWORKS materials and configurations for easy analysis of multiple loads and product configurations.Design Data Reuse  
Multi-Parameter OptimizationConduct an optimization study for more than one input variable using Design of Experiments and Optimization parametric study. Run a calculation of design points and find optimum solutions.
Material DatabasesA customizable engineering database enables users to model and include specific solid, fluid, and fan behaviors.The HVAC engineering database extension adds specific HVAC components, the Electronic Cooling extended engineering database includes specific electronic components and their thermal characteristics.
Internal and External Flow.Calculate the impact of fluid flow both through and around your product.
2D and 3D SimulationBy default, all calculations are on a full 3D domain. Where applicable, simulations can also be carried out in a 2D plane to reduce run time without effecting accuracy.
Heat Conduction in SolidsThe calculation of temperature change in the product’s solid geometry is an option selection. Conjugate heat transfer through convection, conduction, and radiation can be created. Calculations can include thermal contact resistance.SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: Calculate pure heat conduction in solids to identify problems where no fluid exists for fast solutions.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and HVAC Module: Include materials that are semitransparent to radiation, for accurate solutions where the product’s thermal load is influenced by transparent materials.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and Electrical Cooling Module: Simulate specific electronics device effects

GravityInclude fluid buoyancy important for natural convection, free surface, and mixing problems.  
RotationAbility to simulate moving/rotating surfaces or part to calculate the effect of rotating/moving devices.  
Free SurfaceLets you simulate flows with a freely moving interface between two immiscible fluids, such as gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, gas-non-Newtonian liquid.)
SymmetricSimulation solution times can be reduced by taking advantage of symmetry. Cartesian symmetry can be applied to x, y, or z planes and sector period icy allows users to calculate a sector of a cylindrical flow.
GasesCalculation of both ideal and real flows for subsonic, transonic, and supersonic conditions.    
LiquidsLiquid flows can be described as incompressible, compressible, or as non-Newtonian (as oil, blood, sauce, etc.). For water flows, the location of cavitation can also be determined.  
SteamSteam for flows that include steam water vapor condensation and relative humidity is calculated.
Boundary Layer DescriptionLaminar, turbulent, and transitional boundary layers are calculated using a modified Law of the Wall approach.
Mixing FlowsImmiscible Mixtures: perform flow of any pair of fluids belonging to gases, liquids, or non-Newtonian liquids.  
Non-Newtonian FluidsDetermine the flow behavior of Non-Newtonian liquids,  such as oil, blood, sauce, etc.  
Flow ConditionsProblems can be defined by velocity, pressure, mass, or volume flow conditions.  
Thermal Conditions- Analyse the effect of the impact of a part or an assembly on a target surface - Inputs: drop height, gravity, velocity at impact - Outputs: stress, displacement, and strains  
Wall ConditionsLocal and global wall thermal and roughness conditions can be set for accurate setup.  
Porous ComponentsAbility to treat some model components as porous media with the fluid flow through them, or simulating them as fluid cavities with a distributed resistance to fluid flow.
VisualizationVisualize the stress and displacement of your assembly with customizable 3D plots. Animate the response of your assembly under loads to visualize deformations, vibration modes, contact behavior, optimization alternatives, and flow trajectories.  
Results CustomisationProvides the standard results components for a structural analysis, such as von Mises stresses, displacements, temperature, etc. The intuitive equation-driven result plot enables you to customize the post-processing of structural analysis results for better understanding and interpretation of product behavior.
Communication & ReportingCreate and publish customized reports for communicating simulation results and collaborating with eDrawings®.
Two-phase (Fluid + Particles) FlowsAbility to calculate (with the post-processor) in the obtained fields of results, motions of the specified particles (Particle Studies) or flows of the specified extraneous fluids (Tracer Study) in the fluid flow, which does not affect this fluid flow.
Noise Prediction (Steady State and Transient)Noise prediction using a fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) algorithm that converts a time signal to the complex frequency domain for transient analysis.
HVAC ConditionsInclude materials semi-permeable to radiation for accurate thermal analysis.
Tracer StudyHVAC applications vary widely. Considerations for meeting requirements for thermal performance and quality include airflow optimization, temperature, air quality, and containment control.
Comfort ParametersUnderstand and evaluate thermal comfort levels for multiple environments using thermal comfort factor analysis.
Heat Pipes
Thermal Joints
Two-resistor Components
Printed Circuit Boards
Thermoelectric Coolers


  SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard (Available in SOLIDWORKS Premium & Professional) SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (Formerly known as Enterprise PDM) SOLIDWORKS Manage
Secure AccessProtect your product design data with secure, managed access for only authorised individuals, over a network or via the web. In addition to internal users, you can permit access to partners, customers and your supply chain
Revision ControlHelp your design team avoid overwriting files and help purchasing and manufacturing order and produce the correct parts, every time
Find FilesQuickly and easily find SOLIDWORKS files by searching on metadata (Custom Properties)
Audit TrailQuickly access a full audit trail of product development activities. Meet internal and external compliance reporting requirements. Identify proccess issues and drive continuous improvement to maintain your competitive edge
Manage SOLIDWORKS FilesManage all SOLIDWORKS documents, including parts, assemblies and drawings.
Manage Any FilesManage any file, directly Open/Save from any application within a standard Windows explorer.
Integrated Preview Powered by eDrawingsDynamically preview SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight files with the integrated eDrawings preview window.
Automated Approval ProcessIncrease productivity, quality and accountability when you engage key users in workflow and approval processes.
Contributor ClientAdd-In for Windows Explorer, enables uses to contribute to the vault.
Viewer ClientAdd-In for Windows Explorer, gives users a view into the vault and is sold in packs of 5 users.
Email NotificationsAutomatic email notifications and electronic signatures bring greater efficiency and security to approvals and other data automation initiatives.
*In-built mail client
**Supports SMTP
* ** **
Multiple Workflows  
Unlimited Workflow States  
[Transition Action *Supports only “set variable” actions *
ScalabilityWork with the same high level of speed, functionality, and security as your design organization grows  

Distributed Design TeamsFor multi-site and multi-national teams, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional supports document/drawing vault replication over a WAN, making current design information immediately available worldwide.  

Remote Access (web)Increase the productivity of designers, managers and sales/marketing personnel by permitting remote access to design data.  

Named Bill of MaterialsEditable BoM that can be ‘checked in’ and follow Workflow  

Manage SOLIDWORKS Simulation FilesManage all SOLIDWORKS Simulation documents, and studies.  

Manage all SOLIDWORKS Electrical Files.Manage all SOLIDWORKS Electrical documents and libraries.  

Full Document PreviewView and print more than 250 file types, including SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidEdge, PDF and Microsoft Office, plus images, animations, movie files and many others.  

Advanced Search and FavoritesPerform context based searches to find certain text strings with documents. For even greater productivity you can pre-define, save and share searches.  

Document and Folder TemplatesAutomatically generate files or folders via template card.  

Serial Number GeneratorsConfigure serial number generators to automatically name documents and folders, assign projects and ECR/ECN numbers.  
Custom configurationSOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is fully configurable to work effectively within your unique team structure, design process, and industry  
Automated Neutral File CreationAutomatically create neutral files like PDF's and STEP files from SOLIDWORKS documents.  
Automated approval process Increase productivity, quality, and accountability when you engage key users in workflow and approval processes. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional supports automation of workflows, such as Engineering Change Notice (ECN)/ Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes, and integration and connectivity to MRP/ERP systems. Automatic email notifications and electronic signatures bring greater efficiency and security to approvals and other data automation initiatives  
Project ManagementProvide critical information to help teams focus on important tasks, and provide an overview of resource capacity for better planning and utilization. Manage project stages, timelines, and milestones along with resource utilization and capacity. Utilize user tasks and timesheets to automatically track progress.    
Process ManagementStreamline business processes, automate document creation and bring together all involved stakeholders for new products, from sales and marketing to production and support. Configure states and decision points for all types of business processes such as Engineering Change Requests (ECR), Orders (ECO) and Notices (ECN), transmittals and approvals.    
Item ManagementCreate, edit and compare complete bills of materials (BOM) by associating items, files and free text. Manage product variations for different use cases and applications. Drive SOLIDWORKS drawing bill of materials and item numbers directly from system data.    
User TasksProvide users with the knowledge they need to work more effectively by utilizing tasks and calendars.    
Dashboards and ReportsCreate and distribute interactive graphical dashboards to display critical information. Display continually updating dashboards on community monitors. Configure reports to company standards and publish automatically or on demand.    
Engineering Change ManagementReduce the time to complete your design approval and Engineering Change Order (ECO) processes. Graphically represent the product development process through an easy-to-use flowchart interface. Engineering change documentation and change approvals become completely electronic.    
Bills of Materials ManagementMaintain, manipulate, and leverage Bill of Materials (BOM) information to support downstream applications and systems. Create individual BOM objects from existing CAD file structures that automatically update in parallel with the evolution of the CAD model, eliminating the frequent manual updates required when using spreadsheets. Connect your CAD data with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, enabling you to easily update BOM information in other businesses enterprise systems. Use customizable templates to display BOM information in multiple formats or to format BOM information to meet the needs of a user or group.    
Microsoft Outlook® IntegrationCreate new records, like Cases, from Microsoft Outlook® emails based on information in the email including attachments. Copy emails to existing records for reference.    
  Visualize Standard Visualize Professional
Hardware agnostic, unbiased, interactive pathtracing using NVIDIA iray (Accurate Mode)  
Hardware agnostic, biased, interactive raytracing using NVIDIA iray (Fast Mode)    
Hardware agnostic, high quality, interactive rasteriser (Preview Mode)    
Supported techniques such as global illumination, ambient occlusion, screenspace shadows, IBL, colour bleeding, dispersive caustics, unlimited raybounces, refraction, rough reflections and more.    
Automatic “Blending” between rendering modes    
HDRI lighting    
Light emission from geometry    
Ground reflectivity and roughness    
Rasterised baked lighting    
Rasterised accumulation    
Alias (WIRE)    
3D PDF    
ACIS (SAT)    
Collada (DAE)    
Pro/E / Creo (PRT)    
Filmbox (FBX)    
Animated Filmbox (FBX)  
3D Studio Max (3DS)    
Rhino (3DM)    
Wavefront (OBJ)    
SketchUp (SKP)    
Maya (MB)    
SolidEdge (ASM/PAR)    
Autodesk (DWG/DXF)    
Inventor (IPT/IAM)    
U3D (Unigraphics)    
Live Update from CAD    
Unlimited resolution offline rendering    
Alpha Channel    
Early image save    
Threaded offline renderings    
JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, HDR and PSD output    
Built in image viewer tab    
Render Profiles    
Preview (raster) output    
Render all Configurations  
Render all Cameras  
Render Passes  
Turntable rendering  
Automatic movie (.mp4, .mkv, .flv) output  
Browser based VR output  
Browser based Panoramic output  
CAD Live-Update    
Direct manipulation of parts    
Surface/Part Splitter    
Group and reorganise parts in the tree view    
Model/Part reset and freeze    
Formation tool  
Part re-tessellation  
Multiple model sets  
Simple vehicle wheel building  
Proprietary “3D graph editor” Ribbon  
Turntable Animations  
Sun Study Animations  
Keyframe animations of Models, Groups and Parts  
Keyframe animation of Materials  
Keyframe animation of Cameras  
Keyframe animation of Environments  
Keyframe animation of Lights  
Realtime turntable  
Scientifically accurate pre-set and adjustable materials    
Supported techniques such as fresnel reflections, absorption, transmittance, anisotropy (mappable), emission.    
Colour/texture, opacity, specular, anisotropic, bump and normal mapping    
Advanced materials: Subsurface, Thin Film, Backscatter    
Flexible local or cloud based asset storage    
Shareable material definition files (.svap)    
Drag and drop materials/textures from desktop or any folder    
Unique in and out of app colour picker/dropper    
Save favourite colours    
Texturable and paintable decals    
Layered decals    
Decal projection    
Controllable decal depth    
Multiple part decals    
Displacement Mapping    
Lighting, shadow and reflection casting from HDRI    
High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) interaction and control    
HDR Light Studio compatible    
Prop creation for additional light sources    
Time of day (Sun and Sky) lighting model  
Photometric lights (Point, Spot and Directional)  
Raster object reflections (Preview Mode)  
Raster culling (Preview Mode)  
F-Stop, Focal length, Field of view and Perspective settings    
Exchangeable camera files (.svcm)    
Interactive depth of field with focal point selection    
Multiple cameras with individual aspect ratio and settings    
Orthographic camera    
Walk-around camera    
Rule of thirds overlay    
Pre-set photographic camera filters    
Real-time customizable photographic camera filters  
Follow and aim cameras and objects  
Real world camera positioning  
Motion blur  
Region rendering  
FBX camera export  
Highly optimized parallel architecture    
Hybrid Based CPU and GPU rendering    
Near Linear performance scaling with added CPU’s and GPU’s    
3D Connexion device support    
SOLIDWORKS Visualize cloud community connection    
Queue rendering manager  
Multiple viewports (Dual, Quad and Orthographic)  


  Key Features
Single Line SchematicsPlanning tool for creating complex embedded electrical systems utilizing simple pictorial representations of electrical components. ico_checked_trans
Multiline SchematicsSchematic creation tool with a simple user interface optimized to help ease repetitive tasks. ico_checked_trans
Mixed SchematicsCombine both single-line and multiline drawings on the same schematic, while keeping them connected. ico_checked_trans
2D Cabinet CreationGenerate 2D panel drawings from an electrical schematic, with 2D outlines of electrical components. ico_checked_trans
Electrical Component and Symbol LibraryExtensive library of industry-standard schematic symbols (IEC, ANSI, JIS, GB) combined with a database of manufacturer parts to provide an easily customizable and adaptable parts database through easy-to-use import tools. ico_checked_trans
Design reuseSuite of integrated tools enables intelligent cut and paste, easy access to a selection of “favorite” components and circuit design elements, and reuse of non-SOLIDWORKS electrical design elements though easy-to-use import wizards. ico_checked_trans
Automated Terminal Drawing CreationAutomatically generate terminal drawings from real-time design. ico_checked_trans
Automated Contact Cross-ReferencingElectrical contacts are automatically cross-referenced in real time and synchronized based on availability and type of contacts from manufacturer-specific components. ico_checked_trans
Advanced Formula ManagerEnhanced formula capabilities for custom naming everything from wires to projects. ico_checked_trans
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content PortalWeb-based content portal provides access to an extensive library of manufacturer parts. ico_checked_trans
Report GenerationAutomatically generate standard reports based on real-time design database queries, customize the look and content of your reports using hte SQL Editor. ico_checked_trans
PLC ToolsThe Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) management tools automate many PLC wiring design tasks, along with the ability to import PLC data and labels.. ico_checked_trans
Dynamic Connector ToolsPowerful, easy-to-use connector wizard helps simplify the creation, design, and use of electrical connectors including tracking which pins are used. ico_checked_trans
Real-time Collaboration & SynchronizationSynchronized, bi-directional environment enables multiple users to work on the same schematics project simultaneously for easier project collaboration. ico_checked_trans
Excel AutomationAutomate aspects of the schematic creation by using Microsoft Excel. ico_checked_trans
User Rights ManagementConfigure users to have different levels of access control to various functionality. ico_checked_trans


  Key Features
Rigid-Flex DesignDefine rigid-flex regions, layers, and stack thicknesses enabling single board rigid-flex PCB design.  The rigid-flex layer stack regions can be defined with bend lines and angles and validated with 3D folding and component clearance checking to ensure layout correctness. ico_checked_trans
Design and Data ManagementManage project, design files and documentation with SOLIDWORKS PCB-PDM Connector and the SOLIDWORKS PDM-based design and data management workflow.  Securely store and index design data for fast retrieval, eliminate concerns over version control and data loss, and collaborate on design data from multiple locations ico_checked_trans
ECAD-MCAD Design CollaborationUnmatched ECAD-MCAD integration and collaboration with SOLIDWORKS that unifies design data and pushes changes to both sides of the design project. ico_checked_trans
PCB Design EngineIndustry-proven, Altium-based design engine for layout and routing of printed circuit boards. ico_checked_trans
Modern Schematic EntryFull-featured Altium-based schematic capture tool with extensive drafting capabilities, libraries, and electrical rules. ico_checked_trans
Streamlined InterfaceIntuitive and easy-to-use interface–inspired by SOLIDWORKS–with a consistent editor and use-model between schematic capture and board layout. ico_checked_trans
Managed ECAD-MCAD ECO ProcessA managed Engineering Change Order (ECO) process to and from SOLIDWORKS PCB and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD takes care of design changes including board shape, component placement, mounting holes, and cutouts, which keeps designs in sync. ico_checked_trans
Real-time 3D Clearance CheckingVisualize the PCB with components inside of the mechanical enclosure to reduce costly prototypes by ensuring that the board and components fit the mechanical enclosures with real-time 3D clearance checking. ico_checked_trans
Mixed-Mode SPICE 3f5 SimulatorSimulate and analyze analog and mixed-signal circuits from within the schematic editor to make design trade-offs and avoid unnecessary design revisions by performing functional validation on designs prior to layout or manufacturing. ico_checked_trans
Supplier Links/SearchSearch online supplier databases and link or embed parametric data to your design components to match real-time device parameters, pricing, and availability, putting the most up-to-date information at your fingertips throughout the entire design process to make immediate decisions to meet electrical requirements, budget, and deadlines. ico_checked_trans
Version ControlManage and compare all history and changes made to design files directly and gain greater control over changes made to your design knowing exactly what changes were made and by whom. ico_checked_trans
Component Parametric Database SupportPlace component parametric data directly from a corporate database, which keeps the components used in your design synchronized with data stored in the database. ico_checked_trans
SOLIDWORKS File SupportBe confident in knowing the exact intent of your mechanical designer with SOLIDWORKS 3D file support that provides the most precise and pure version of component models and enclosures, ensuring that your 3D clearance check process provides a clear picture on board fit. ico_checked_trans
Design Commenting and Revision ManagementTake complete control of your design process and understanding exactly what changes were made to your board design and when. Detailed design revision comments allow you to see a clear change history with the ability to accept or reject the changes. ico_checked_trans

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