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Celebrate this festive season as we prepare for the Christmas joy with this Santa’s Sleigh SolidWorks tutorial. We hope you are enjoying the lead up to Christmas – get in touch with us on social media!

Modelling Overview:

Step One:
Use a sketch picture as the basis of the sleigh form – this is optional. Use the Extrude-Boss feature to extrude a body using the mid-plane parameter

Step Two:
Use the Cut-Extrude feature to remove material from the main body – this will provide the seating area/storage – traditional to the original sleigh design

Step Three:
Add a chamfer to the edges created through adding the Extrude-Cut features.

Step Four:
Using the sweep tool and the original sketch picture (optional) sweep the stand section – adding multiple details to represent a traditional sleigh

Step Five:
Use the Dome feature to apply rounded edges to all of the swept features – this will create a cap for the ends of the sleigh stand.

Step Six:
another feature offset from the top profile of the sleigh – this will add another detail and provide a hand rail to the sleigh

Step Seven:
both the stand detail and the swept handrail around the front plane (enabled through creating the initial Boss-Extrude with mid-plane parameters)

Step Eight:
Add grooves to the side profile of the sleigh – this will enhance the appearance applied later using SolidWorks Visualize. Use a linear pattern to pattern the Cut-Extrude feature used to add the grove. Mirror the linear pattern to provide the same texture on the opposite side

SolidWorks Visualize Render:

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