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PullClean Door Handle by The Agency of Design

We’re always interested to see what our clients are creating in SOLIDWORKS and the guys over at The Agency of Design have teamed up with Altitude Medical to develop the PullClean door handle, a simple solution that turns a hospital door handle into a place to clean your hands.


As you can see the PullClean door handle is sleek in its design and practical in its function. The sanitizer dispenser is located at the bottom of the handle making it easy to sanitize and open the door all in one movement. There is also a measure on the handle displaying how much sanitizer is left making sure running out never becomes an issue.

The Agency of Design team haven’t just made a handle; they’ve developed it further to measure the effectiveness of the handle itself. The electronics were developed concurrently with the hardware to ensure that data collected was accurate and the method of collection itself was simple.

The Agency of Design noted that the door acts as a gateway through which most of the hospital staff travel, therefore the handle is uniquely placed to collect data accurately; “Once the handles are implemented across whole wards and hospitals this data gives you a clear view of sanitizing rates. We developed a web portal to allow infection control staff to quickly and easily review the data. This provides effective feedback on the hand sanitizing practices of different areas but also allows staff to look at patterns of use and changes over time.”

A prototype of the handle has been trialed in a major US hospital and the results were staggering; hand sanitizing had increased from 22% to 77% with the introduction of the PullClean door handle. The PullClean handle is now in production and set to be shipped this year.

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