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Maddison Develops Point of Care Testing Unit

Maddison Limited is a UK product development consultancy, designing medical, scientific and consumer products. They were approached by Vivacta to develop a revolutionary point-of-care diagnostic instrument.


Rapid diagnosis of health conditions is essential in both acute and chronic disease management settings and Maddison has a track record of successful work in this field.

The first application for Vivacta’s new technology was to diagnose Thyroid conditions in GP surgeries and clinics. The challenge was to design and develop a quick and simple point-of-care test using a single-use disposable cartridge as a whole-blood collection device. The test uses piezofilm technology and proprietary fluidics design to achieve a highly sensitive test platform.


Maddison worked closely with Vivacta scientists throughout the entire development process. Maddison’s industrial designers used SolidWorks at a very early stage to produce visualisations which were vital to securing seed funding for early development. Multiple test rigs and prototypes were developed for evaluating usability and internal mechanisms. Maddison and Vivacta (also using SolidWorks) collaborated on fine tuning of the cartridge’s microfluidic channels that were central to the product’s success. Maddison went on to carry out full detail design of the injection moulded housings as well as designing the User Interface and screen graphics.


SolidWorks was used at all stages of the design process. A single development environment is vital for easy transfer of ideas between Industrial Designers and engineers. In this case, it was also essential for seamless flow of information between Maddison, Vivacta and their manufacturing partners.


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