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Opel Pedal Mounting

When an obsolete part of a classic car breaks, many would think it’s the end of the road; MJM Design and Draughting thought differently.

When the owner of a 1973 Opel Manta A came to them with a broken accelerator pedal mounting, the team were able to use SOLIDWORKS and the latest 3D scanning technology to simply create their own.


“The accelerator mounting had been broken for over 20 years, and after years of searching for a decent replacement it was obvious that none were available so the search was given up,” explained Mike Mason, Managing Director of MJM.

The original broken pedal mounting

The Cannock-based CAD design company, who have worked with a number of large clients in the motoring industry including Volkswagen / Audi and Ford, used their recently purchased 3D Scanner to scan the broken mounting and transfer it into SOLIDWORKS where it could be digitally repaired.

“The biggest challenge was to ensure the missing data could be replicated accurately,” Mike added,

“From a cursory look we assumed the part was symmetrical about the hole point at the top of the part, and that both sides of the structure were identical.

“However, the scan clearly showed there were subtle differences. Using SOLIDWORKS enabled us to measure the differences between both sides and rebuild the part using this data.

“The model was not difficult to create using SOLIDWORKS tools, and PhotoView then enabled us to bring the file to life for the client.”

Rendering of the repaired design

Once complete, the part was exported and 3D printed – putting one happy client back behind the wheel!

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