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Loowatt rethinks the toilet

Today we are going to take a look at one of our customers Loowatt, a company who has developed a waterless toilet system that generates energy from human waste, in SOLIDWORKS. 2.5 billion people don‘t have access to adequate sanitation, an issue which Loowatt’s revolutionary toilet system looks to address.

The Loowatt waterless toilet system uses a patented sealing mechanism to package human waste into an odourless cartridge wrapped in a biodegradable polymer film. The film, which lines the toilet bowl, is pulled through a mechanical sealer when the toilet is “flushed,” enclosing the waste in a removable cartridge. The cartridge is then emptied into a digester, which converts the waste into biogas and fertiliser. The system does not generate waste products or carbon emissions


Where can Loowatt be used?

1/3 of all water used in the household is flushed down the loo, so clearly there is a need in the home, to save money and resources. Loowatt can also be used as an alternative to the infamous portaloo, a rather unpleasant means of waste disposal at events and building sites alike. Portaloos have the waste sitting below (often visible which is unpleasant enough) and use chemicals and previous waste to flush, this is unpleasant and also environmentally unfriendly. Loowatt provides a much nicer alternative to the typical portaloo we’re accustomed to.

The Loowatt really comes into its own when we look at an alternative market, the developing world. As mentioned previously 2.5 billion people don’t have access to adequate sanitation, the majority of which are based in developing countries. Loowatt not only provides a clean and sustainable solution to inadequate sanitation but also helps generate electricity in the meantime. A Loowatt waterless toilet system has been in use in Madagascar since 2012 and it provides saleable energy products, such as mobile phone charging and hot water for bathing and cooking. A nearby compost facility converts waste matter from the toilet into high-grade fertiliser.

Loowatt have certainly developed a fantastic product, one which is ethically strong and is in high demand. As a result of this Loowatt have been recognised for their great work, and have been suitably rewarded with several accolades:

Rushlight Organic Resources Award 2013
Rushlight Resources Innovation Award 2013
Climate Change Week Award – Best New Product 2013
Observer Ethical Award – Big Idea Award 2013
ClearlySo – Social Business of the Year 2012

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