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The Hooka

Kingston CAD Solutions were approached by a company to design a patented vehicle for the construction industry.

The client wanted the vehicle to be exclusively designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and specifications.

The brief for the vehicle was that it needed to be able to transport bulk materials around construction sites. This would reduce the need to barrow aggregates, bricks, blocks, waste material and hugely reduce labour costs and time.

The machine (‘The Hooka’) is only 1m wide, matching the load it carries, so that it can fit down small access walkways, down the side of buildings or into sites with restricted access.

‘The Hooka’ also needed to have a crane arm to reach for the load and bring it onto its integrated load platform. Whilst the crane arm is extend the dual purpose stability legs connect to the ground to stop it from overturning during the lifting, when the load is brought back onto the loading platform the legs then retract and hold the load in position along with gripper plates at the back. This means that the load is fully integrated into the machine and effectively becomes part of the complete mass of the machine offering maximum stability.

‘The Hooka’ also integrates a bulldozer blade, stand-on platform and tank tracks to ensure maximum grip and stability on the toughest of terrains.

04-12-14 Hooka.190

How SOLIDWORKS helped the process:

As a SOLIDWORKS Certified Professional, with a fully licensed version of Premium the use of the software in the design process was critical.

The ability for communicating the design process to clients with no technical or engineering experienced based clients was second to none by utilising the visualisation aspects of SOLIDWORKS.

This project utilised many of the key areas of the SOLIDWORKS CAD system and predominantly weldments and sheet metal.

The system was conceptualised, detail designed and dropped down into manufacturing drawings for the machine to be built. The client was impressed with the speed which the finished machine came together and it has now been fully built and is working perfectly.

SOLIDWORKS allowed Kingston CAD Solutions to do all of the development on the screen so that no time or money was wasted cutting and chopping on the shop floor.

Kingston CAD Solutions produced the design from scratch; all of the drawings and bill of materials for the complete unit which allowed for accurate costing and inventory procurement.

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