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Environmental Monitoring Device

Canard Design are a product design, development and engineering consultancy. They take design, creativity, knowledge and experience of materials and manufacturing processes and apply it to every new design.

Canard were approached by Geotech, a company that manufacture environmental monitoring equipment. Geotech’s production volumes increased and the market evolved, they then realised that they needed a new solution that would reduce their unit costs. Canard Design recommended a manufacturing process new to Geotech that would deliver the best possible results more economically than reaction injection moulding (RIM). By using fabricated aluminium components internally Canard were able to keep flexibility for different production models and volumes using the same moulded casework.

As a starting point, Geotech’s existing casework was reverse engineered into SOLIDWORKS. As the new functionality was included in the design, Canard were able to liaise directly with the structural foam moulder to determine particular moulding requirements. Checking the SOLIDWORKS part with the ‘Draft Analysis’ tool sped up the overall process and became invaluable in conversations between Canard Design, the toolmaker and the moulder.

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“eDrawings were a useful way of demonstrating different product configurations to the client, as well as suppliers, during the prototyping stages of the project. When a relationship of an internal component became difficult to explain with a drawing, eDrawings could be used by our suppliers to better interpret the design. Throughout the project we exported files into STL format, 3D printed parts in-house, checked relationships and signed off updates in hours instead of weeks.”
Simon Hobbs – Managing Director, Canard Design Ltd.

(eDrawings is a free add-in which compliments SOLIDWORKS.)

By utilising SOLIDWORKS and eDrawings, Canard Design were able to reduce their time to market, limit the amount of prototypes and experience enhanced communication between all parties which is key within an effective design process.

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