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Rise and Fall Kitchen Units

Cadtek customer AKW (part of the DLP Limited) has launched it’s innovative Rise and Fall Kitchen units. AKW’s range of ActivMotion® Rise & Fall units are operated at the touch of a button. Whether it’s the sink, the hob or even your cupboards our ActivMotion® technology can make any kitchen accessible for everyone.

Leading edge actuation technology makes the up and down movements virtually silent and fast moving. The simple and easy to use push button controls can be mounted anywhere along the front of the unit for ease of use and are clearly marked with tactile up and down symbols.

The project employed SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Composer software from design concepts all the way through to producing the marketing content, including the animations in this video:

“Using SOLIDWORKS Composer to create product animations was an integral part of this project,” explained Paul Smith of DLP. “We used the SOLIDWORKS models created during the design process which were called directly into Composer. Then we were able to create the scenes with suitable lighting and materials to render the high quality animations. SOLIDWORKS Composer is also being used to create assembly instruction documents and installation videos. Doing this in-house represents a significant saving over outsourcing to external animation companies.”

More information about the ActivMotion® Rise & Fall units can be found here

SOLIDWORKS Composer enables you to easily repurpose existing 3D design data to rapidly create and update high quality graphical assets that are fully associated with your 3D design. Click here for more information about SOLIDWORKS Composer

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