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Origin has developed and grown since its inception exponentially. We started off as a small family business and the core values that we brought to the market were key and we wanted to maintain them.

So we started off in 2001 as a three man band. Since then we’ve grown year on year and we now are over two hundred people worldwide. We have offices in the US, we have offices in the Middle East, and offices in Europe.

We wanted to have a company that was customer focused so the everything we did here was there to improve customer’s lives and give them the best product possible. What we wanted to do was really approach manufacturing in a wholly different way. For us that was to bring the design and manufacturing element together and be the only one responsible for it so by doing that we’ve been able to bring about changes and developments within our product range much, much quicker than anyone else in our field.

Using SolidWorks helps us massively to develop lots of new products in a timely manner even with the number of revisions we are doing – controlling that allows us to easily 3D print our prototypes. SolidWorks speeds up the design process and the manufacturing process a great deal since we can send our model straight through down to our CNC machines and the programmers don’t have to type in any of the coordinates or numbers, they can just get made straight from the model so it speeds it up a great deal.

We like to keep improving our products. We don’t want to stay where we are. We are looking to what is going to be in the market tomorrow. One of the challenges we face is that we have to have really good thermal efficiency, especially in an aluminium system, so we have to put in thermal breaks.

Another challenge we have is the longevity of the products so we offer our twenty year guarantee on all of our systems and then getting those products perfect in terms of that is really key. The testing we can do through SolidWorks really helps seeing how you can gauge how a product is going to perform before you actually start making prototypes. You can to do little tweaks and get the product as perfect as you can before you start testing in the real world. That definitely brings down the cost because we don’t have to pay for as many prototypes.

With SolidWorks you can edit and tweak models and use different revisions so straight away way you build up a design portfolio effectively for each project and then you get the perfect product at the end of it. It is really useful to show each other and what we are thinking and bouncing ideas off each other so straight away jumping into the 3D modeling is a really useful tool. PhotoView 360 has helped as well and as our add on package. [models] go straight into posters and guides so it is really useful.

Working with Cadtek has been very good. We build a very good relationship and now I can’t imagine working without their support on a daily basis. Cadtek came in and were showing us a few features from SolidWorks and then they noticed that we were using an lot of the modeling techniques and repeating them over and over again. DriveWorks can really help with that so it was suggested to us that we should look into it and it snowballed from there. We found that DriveWorks is actually something that can be really useful for Origin every day really rather than going through a design process for each and every single door set we can get into parametric modeling straight away…click a few buttons and there you go; there are your drawings, your custom drawings, and your manufacturing drawings, your cutting lists … straight down to the factory and the boys know what they’re doing… door set gets made.

With our product range we have enabled customers to really change the way they interact with their indoor and outdoor space. So our bi-fold doors enable you to create a synergy between your indoors and your outdoors and really create a life style that everybody is looking for now where it’s healthier with more light and more air. We make it sound easy and we will do it day in, day out. We live and breathe it but we also need partners who buy into the vision to enable us to achieve this and Cadtek has become one of them. With the service that they supply our R&D department it has really enabled us to carry on pushing the boundaries with regards to our design and then pushing up through to manufacture.

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