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Powervamp Transcript

Powervamp was formed approximately 25 years ago by Richard Roller, on his kitchen table where he made the first starter pack, Jump packs for starting flat batteries on cars. Yeah really sort of got the business going in the automotive industry and therefore then developed the first power pack for the aviation industry looking at turbine starting for helicopters. Really from there the basis of the company was formed, the business has really grown. Powervamp ethos is to understand the customer’s needs and we will work very closely with the customer when we are designing our product to ensure the end user is the one getting the most benefit out of it.

SolidWorks has really enabled us to play with that, the introduction of 3D design and simulation software has enabled us to take things on to a whole new level.

We use SolidWorks every day, we use it for every one of our products. We start simply with conceptual work and then we work through to the final design process. We use every single point of the software, we work with our electrical engineers to develop a product further and further.

It allows us to not only to develop the product in house, have control over the designs, it also allows us to demonstrate that within the data sheets, manuals and things like that. It creates an overall professional view of the company. PV90 Grand Power unit is the one we’ve used the flow simulation the most on recently and that’s really the reason we purchased it in the first place, because cooling was so critical for it. From there we’ve also looked to use it on other products as well.

The air flow simulation has paid for itself really in that it’s enabled us to make products robust in terms of longevity. Heat flow is our enemy so air flow and understanding air flow within our product has really been beneficial.

You can’t see normally what’s going on with air, so being able to see what’s going on there you look to make improvements inside SolidWorks and see if that improves the temperature rise inside the enclosure.

We use SolidWorks Simulation for a lot of our heavier duty equipment. We use a lot of chassis we use a lot of thick gauge metal works so we need to see where the loading is actually going to be. We can optimise a lot of our designs by using the simulation packages. We can see exactly where the loading is going to be, we can take material out of it. We can thin down the gauges where necessary and we can actually simplify a lot of our designs. We can do a lot of our analysis virtually through SolidWorks before we even need to get to the physical side of design. A lot of our prototyping is done before we have a physical version to test.

For us the time reduction on doing prototyping through SolidWorks really where we can save a lot of time, not guessing to what the outcome will be. In our company, every product we build involves heavy amount of sheet metal, so we use all those features really and we can link those features and tools with our fabricators so we can make sure everything we’re building is actually suitable for their processes and machining.

The renders are good in particular when doing initial concepts for new customers, things like that. You can help them to visualise what the product will look like, submit your drawings and allow them to sign off on what they’ve seen.

Cadtek have been very supportive: the simulation, the training days, the framework that they’ve offered.

Cadtek have been brilliant for us, we know they are always on the end of the phone if we need to give them a call and actually find out more about what’s going on. If we’ve got a problem or an issue we can’t solve ourselves we know they’ll have an experienced guy on the end of the phone who can very easily and simply direct us to where we need to be. They’ve been brilliant in helping us manipulate the software in the best way possible for our units.


Formed in 1994, Powervamp Ltd is a world-recognised designer and manufacturer of specialist power equipment for the aviation, automotive and emergency lighting sectors.

With customers in more than 60 countries, the company has built an enviable reputation for quality, product support and customer service. Powervamp operates a worldwide distribution network ensuring every continent has access to its product range.

Powervamp use SolidWorks 3D CAD and Simulation to Power Up their business

The introduction of 3D design and simulation software has enabled us to take things on to a whole new level

The air flow simulation has paid for itself

Heat flow is our enemy so air flow and understanding air flow within our product has really been beneficial

We can optimise a lot of our designs by using the simulation packages

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