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Sketch relationships are relationships between different types of sketch entities. Pierce relations can be added to sketch points and an axis, edge, line or spline. They are especially useful for ensuring that a coincident relationship is formed between entities of varying axis. A pierce relationship is required to ensure that two entities from different axis collide or cross paths – the center point of entities can be selected to move the sketch entity to a mutual position.

To apply a pierce relation a line and a sketch point are required. Either use the “Add Relation” option or use the control key to select and highlight the two entities you are wanting to combine with a pierce relationship.

The merge relation is similar to the pierce relation in the aspect that both operations result in a connection of the two entities but the merge relation is only an option when both sketch entities are within the same plane/orientation.

A coincident relationship can be applied when a point and a line, arc or ellipse are selected. This relation connects the entities. This varies from the merge relation as the merge option is available through selecting two sketch points or endpoints. Whereas the coincident relation has been applied via selecting the line and the origin sketch point.

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