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The Health Check Tool from Cadtek

In our experience customers often find themselves needing a PDM system only after their design data has started to become unmanageable. Designers find themselves having to replicate files they know they have created in the past, or spending valuable time looking for lost files, trying to handle broken references or working on a design file which turns out to be the wrong version. To help customers anticipate these difficulties before they arise and to reveal the real, unseen situation with their current design data Cadtek has developed the PDM Health Check Tool.

This utility is quickly set up and runs on a customer system. It generates data which we can report on. This report highlights issues such as how many CAD files have missing references or broken links. Customers can see how many files have been lost or deleted and by equating time to money it is quickly apparent how much recreating or looking for this important data can cost.

To help customers learn more about PDM we regularly run events demonstrating how this solution works. Furthermore any customers attending these events are entitled to run the Health Check Tool free of charge.

Our current events schedule is listed here. If you would like to book simply follow the link or call your account manager on 01663 741405.

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