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Nutcrackers are a traditional item that typically symbolise Christmas for many. For the 7th day of our Christmas countdown we will explore how this model can be created in SolidWorks. The video shows an overview of the modelling techniques used. A sketch picture has been used as a basis for the design and multiple different features, including lofted bosses and revolves required to create the main body. Texture maps have been used and applied throughout the rendering process in SolidWorks Visualize – thus to enhance the surface texture and give a realistic wooden appearance.


Watch the Video Tutorial:

Modelling Overview:

Step One:
Create the lofted profile on the front plane and revolve the nutcracker hat

Step Two:
Revolve the head profile along with the nutcrackers hair, mirroring to the other side of the head

Step Three:
Loft the remaining hair section towards the back of the head and combine the solid bodies

Step Four:
Using sketch planes loft the nutcrackers body, make the waist smaller to reflect the traditional nutcracker form

Step Five:
Using two profiles loft the legs and then the boots

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