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Today’s product developers must innovate, design and build products faster than ever to stay ahead of competitors. If your business is still designing products in 2D, you may be wasting valuable time on redundant tasks and inefficient processes.

This white paper answers many of the typical reservations people hold when initially considering the switch and sets out what you can achieve by making the move. Designing today’s increasingly complex products demands the functionality that only 3D CAD can provide. Over the past two decades, many of the world’s top manufacturers have made the transition, such as Bausch & Lomb, Garmin, SMC and Trek. And, much like the way you can now simultaneously complete tasks on your mobile devises, CAD is also constantly evolving. Complete once tedious tasks without a thought as SOLIDWORKS automates design changes, BOMs, Costings reports and much much more.

Learn how upgrading to 3D CAD can help you:

  • Accelerate your time to market by easily reusing 3D product data
  • Speed design changes with parametric bi-directional associativity
  • Improve design for manufacturability by implementing model-based definition (MBD)
  • Cut out unnecessary costs by reducing redundant tasks and streamlining workflows
  • Collaborate more effectively with all design participants, even non-technical members
  • Increase product quality by leveraging integrated simulation tools

Chances are your competitors have already embraced a 3D CAD tool to gain their own competitive advantage. Don’t be left behind.

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