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Using SOLIDWORKS to design for Process & Plant systems

Building a processing system, entire plant or factory in industries as diverse as oil and gas production, alternate fuel development, power generation, and manufacturing is more challenging than ever. Competition is stiff and capital is tight. So the need to control costs, ensure quality, and speed up delivery is critical to your success.

See how SOLIDWORKS product development solutions give you a full range of modeling, simulation, and communication tools to create detailed 3D models and drawings for mechanical equipment and systems, HVAC, process layouts, and electrical, conduit and piping systems. You can complete process and plant design projects quickly, reliably, and affordably.

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Girtz Industries, Inc.

Girtz Industries, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of packaged power systems. These weather-tight, transportable housings—including ISO shipping containers, portable enclosures, and transportable skids—are customized for power generators, refrigerated chillers, and HVAC systems. The company transitioned from AutoCAD® 2D-based development tools to the SOLIDWORKS® 3D design platform, and management believed that Girtz could realize additional productivity gains by implementing a product data management (PDM) system…

Girtz Case Study


Building plants and processing systems, or even an entire factory, in a global economy has become more challenging than ever. Competition is stiff and capital is tight, so the need to control costs, ensure quality, and speed delivery is critical to your success. Whether you develop individual components, equipment, processing systems, or complete plants, integrated 3D solutions can help you develop, coordinate, and deliver on-time and within budget.

Process and Plant Whitepaper

Video Case Study:

CP Manufacturing

CP Manufacturing, Inc., is a leading innovator in the waste management and recycling equipment industry, and is known for its superior engineering and advanced disc-screen separation technology. As demand for CP Manufacturing custom-engineered plants and equipment grew, the company needed to shorten delivery lead times and decided to move from 2D design tools to 3D.


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