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Designing medical devices using SOLIDWORKS

Successful medical products from drug delivery systems to diagnostic equipment, surgical devices and advance patient care. Manufacturers of these products must create innovative approaches while working in a stringent regulatory environment.

See how SOLDIWORKS product development solutions help designers in the medical field reduce design cycle time and costs, while still focusing on quality and reliability to increase patient safety and reduce liability.

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DJO Case Study

DJO Incorporated

As the U.S. leader in the design and manufacture of orthopedic rehabilitation devices, DJO Incorporated is on a mission to make knee braces and other orthopedic products lighter, more comfortable, and more fashionable. DJO had used AutoCAD® 2D and Pro/ENGINEER® design tools until 2002, when the San Diego-based company realized that growing its DONJOY® line of products into the preeminent brand of orthopedic braces would require a better consolidated approach…

DJO Case Study

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Video Case Study:

Cardiovascular Systems, Inc

Vascular disease has become a major health problem for many millions of people. Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CSI) is revolutionising the treatment of vascular disease through the development of a disposable, diamond-coated catheter-based device. Utilising the principle of centrifugal force, CSI attachments orbit the interior wall of the artery and sand away more than 90 percent of the plaque creating the obstruction. Although the company used 2D design techniques to conceptualise the technology, commercialising CSI’s products required a more capable 3D system.

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