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The design of industrial machinery and heavy equipment

Manufacturers of industrial machinery or heavy equipment face formidable challenges in today’s competitive global market. Clients look for more complex equipment customised to specific needs, higher reliability, and compressed delivery time.

See how SOLIDWORKS product development solutions can help you quickly design complex assemblies and verify strength, durability, and performance to outpace your competitors by creating better machines at lower cost.

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ZESAR Case Study

ZESAR Technology for Batteries

Winning new business in a global economy can be difficult for small family-owned manufacturers like ZESAR, particularly in the highly competitive niche market of developing custom machinery for battery production. The Turkish company faces the added challenge of having to show both its strengths and the effectiveness of its technology to prospective customers without the deep resources of its larger competitors…

ZESAR Case Study

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Center Rock

Center Rock Inc., manufactures and distributes a complete line of air drilling tools and products worldwide. Center Rock serves the construction, oil and gas, deep geothermal, mining/quarry, and water well/geothermal industries.

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