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Designing for the automotive industry with SOLIDWORKS

The automotive market rewards design innovation that combines efficiency, reliability, and style. The race is on to be first with breakthrough technology and design to win prestige and increase sales.

SOLIDWORKS product development solutions integrate efficient 3D design with simulation to help you optimise size, weight, and performance. With Enterprise PDM you can easily collaborate across your development team and with manufacturing to make better parts, vehicles, and transportation systems faster – and at lower cost.

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Litens Case Study

Litens Automotive Group

Litens Automotive Group engineers rely on SOLIDWORKS Premium Simulation software to more efficiently and cost-effectively perform a range of analyses on their transmission system assemblies, resulting in optimized performance as well as time and cost savings.

Litens Case Study

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Video Case Study:

The Shredder

Benjamin P. Gulak’s design for an electric scooter, which began as a high school science project, created an international sensation and led to the founding of BPG, Inc. The startup company’s mission is to commercialise the UNO motorcycle as well as other innovative vehicle concepts, such as the DTV Shredder crossover vehicle. BPG needed a full-time design and engineering team and a capable, cost-effective development environment to achieve its goals.

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