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Alternative Energy

Today’s alternative energy providers face special challenges. As regulations continue to evolve, the need to reduce manufacturing costs and speed design cycle-time increases. New technologies need to push the envelope while staying safe and reliable. SOLIDWORKS product development solutions enable designers in emerging energy fields to quickly experiment with new and different ideas, speed up prototyping, and simulate varying environmental conditions to verify new approaches.

Oil & Gas

With piping, tubing and weldment design tools, SOLIDWORKS software provides a complete 3D product development solution that meets the demands of today’s rapidly evolving oil and gas industry. See how easy it is to define new piping spools, make changes to your designs, create 2D drawings, and detail weldments.

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Sanjel Case Study

As the largest, privately owned oilfield services company in Canada, with international operations stretching around the globe, Sanjel Corporation embraces the use of design technology to promptly deliver better performing, more reliable products to gas- and petroleum-producing customers. Company engineers used 2D design tools until 2004, when they investigated 3D solutions in response to the rapidly accelerating pace of the oil and gas industry…

Sanjel Case Study

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Ocean Renewable Power Company

Since 2004, ORPC has been hard at work developing breakthrough technology and projects that use ocean and river currents to produce clean, predictable electricity to power our homes and businesses while protecting our environment. We believe that our ocean and river power systems not only can, but must, be designed to preserve the world’s marine ecosystems. The challenge is to provide renewable supplies of clean energy that are both reliable and affordable.

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