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SOLIDWORKS in Aerospace and Defence

Designers and engineers for next generation aerospace products and systems must constantly innovate to create extremely complex parts and large assemblies that satisfy customer requirements, maximise performance, and meet strict safety standards.

SOLIDWORKS product development solutions simplify your design process, accurately evaluate product performance and safety, and help you achieve efficient and cost-effective development from design to manufacturing.

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Taylor-Deal Aviation Case Study

Taylor-Deal Aviation

Taylor-Deal Aviation (TDA), LLC, provides aviation design and engineering services, and specializes in the modification of aircraft interiors for corporate jet, VIP/head-of-state aircraft, and military applications. The company uses SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to develop custom aircraft interiors. Because TDA was growing at a rapid pace, the company needed a PDM solution to manage the increased volume of project design data.

 Taylor-Deal Aviation Case Study

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Twin brothers Geoff and Mike Howe were already working as engineers before they knew what engineering was. At age six, they took a toaster apart to figure out how it worked. At eight, they built a log cabin with a hand axe they got as a birthday present. At 10, they made a robotic arm using old bicycle parts. Today, those same precocious inventors have become two of the top minds in the field of extreme vehicle fabrication and robotics.


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Formed in 1994, Powervamp Ltd is a world-recognised designer and manufacturer of specialist power equipment for the aviation, automotive and emergency lighting sectors.

With customers in more than 60 countries, the company has built an enviable reputation for quality, product support and customer service. Powervamp operates a worldwide distribution network ensuring every continent has access to its product range.

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