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50% quicker time to market

Manuals illustrated in 2 weeks instead of 6 months

PDM has improved workflow throughout the company

Static Systems have been in business for 50 years, and have grown to a company with over 200 employees, becoming a leading services provider to the healthcare sector. This case study looks at the design and development of the trunking and services delivery system around hospital beds called Ventura. Using SolidWorks CAD, SolidWorks PDM and SolidWorks Composer Static has been able to deliver this system to market quicker than previous projects with huge efficiency savings, new working methods and benefits downstream for future designs.

50% quicker time to market

Previously Static would work up a number of different iterations, trying as many scenarios as possible and time scales would be somewhere between 2 and 3 years. Now, with SolidWorks, a part can be used a number of times to reduce design repetition.
This has helped Static improve their time to market by around 50% over previous projects of a similar nature. A previous product that took 2 years to get to market now takes 6 to 8 months using SolidWorks.

Manuals illustrated in 2 weeks instead of 6 months

SolidWorks Composer was used to create the illustrations used in the installation guides. This quickly sped up the process of generating user information over the traditional illustration methods used. Previously it took up to 6 months to fully illustrate a manual but in the Ventura product using SolidWorks Composer has reduced that to as little as 2 weeks.
SolidWorks Composer has made a huge impact on how Static produce the marketing material for a product’s launch. Using Composer in tandem with SolidWorks PDM, as the design is being developed they have been able to notify the marketing team of any changes using PDM and then automatically update their images using composer.

SolidWorks PDM has improved workflow throughout the company

Revision control is made a lot simpler using SolidWorks PDM, the same part can be implement a number of times, saving on manufacturing data being duplicated. This has helped Static save time in terms of not having to re-invent the wheel time after time. PDM has improved the workflow throughout the company, meaning there is just one central point to find all project information from.

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