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The Challenge

Today’s customer story comes from HJC design, a product design and manufacturing consultancy based in Sheffield. HJC Design was approached by SAVortex to assist in developing an intelligent, environmentally friendly hand dryer. The final design has surpassed all expectations both aesthetically and in terms of performance and has even achieved success in numerous prestigious Green Energy Awards. SOLIDWORKS was used throughout the development of the project.


The Technology

Not only did the hand dryer have to be intelligent and environmentally friendly but it had to reduce energy consumption and provide real time monitoring capabilities. HJC was asked to create a elegant and slim line casing in which SAVortex could combine its patented compression and heat recovery system and its latest eco efficient 550W digital brush-less motor technology. The super efficient 550W digital brushless motor used in the EcoCurve can dry hands within 11 seconds, and is a massive reduction in comparison to other energy hungry dryers that are using 1600W – 2300W.

The Design

HJC applied a user centric approach throughout the development process. Early research and ergonomic testing proved current slim-line dryers with vertical jets caused frequent fingertip contact with the unhygienic mounting wall, potentially spreading bacteria. Key to the design’s success was the unit slimness: HJC explored numerous internal configurations early in the design process to achieve the most space efficient solution.

In line with the SAVortex air recycling system HJC developed an inner chassis with integrated air channel to control the air through a direct route back into the blower. This inner chassis isolates the data communication hardware and media screen protecting crucial electronics from the influx of moisture constantly present within the recirculating air. All major mouldings are injection moulded from recycled ABS and PC/ABS blend incorporating antimicrobial additives to protect against bacteria. Injection moulding allowed complex parts to be developed to reduce components and weight. The use of threaded inserts has been minimised and restricted to key components to allow easy repair and disassembly for recycling.

SAVortex Award winning British Technology Company

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