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The design of cycle helmets hasn’t changed in decades… until now. Headkayse took on the challenge to create a real game changer. After initially looking at designing a new folding helmet the designers began to think that a whole new approach was needed, including the materials used and even how to fund the project. The result is The Headkayse ONE, the world’s first soft but safe, multi-impact, one-size-fits-all, foldable cycle helmet. Because of its flexibility, the helmet simply just adapts to fit any head size and shape, thereby improving comfort. Its construction is able to withstand multiple impacts without loss of performance, making this safer and far more rugged compared to the fragile EPS used in more traditional cycling helmets. And through thousands of drop tests of samples and prototypes, the team have proved the design exceeds the cycle helmet standard EN1078.


The tooling for the Headkayse prototypes are all designed using SOLIDWORKS and the simplicity of the collapsible design removes mechanisms and fuss from quickly folding away the helmet for easy carrying and storage. The compacted helmet flattens by about 70%, meaning that if you’re using it to commute to a train station, or even fly abroad, it should easily slip into your bag when you’re done with it.



Headkayse has been well received in the press and has excited designers with its innovation and vision. If you are interested in owning a Headkayse, then the company’s Indiegogo page is the place to go. While the RRP of the finished product will be £89 if you back the project through Indiegogo then you’ll be able to pick up a Headkayse for as little as £65. But hurry, Headkayse is already almost half way towards its £60,000 crowdfunding goal, with a limited number of reduced cost helmets available. And if you do decide to invest then the company say that you will receive your helmet around June 2016.