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Since 1955, Haigh has taken the principles of maceration and applied them to new processes, new industries and new markets.

Haigh Engineering has been around since 1955. Essentially they started out as experts in maceration and what is really truly amazing with Haigh is that they’ve taken those principles and applied them to a number of different industries. But what they’ve also done is retained that heritage, the Great British engineering and the Great British manufacturing; we are still leading the market.
We manufacture a very large number of our parts in house because we can get a better finish than if we buy those parts in from elsewhere. Things like our robotic welder that gives just a fantastic finish on the drum of the macerator, way over and above what was probably necessary but reliability is really really important to us.
We’ve also moved forwards and we’re very innovative in what we do. So actually our latest macerator the Quattro is the leading macerator on the market .

We’ve got two divisions; we’ve got the healthcare division and the waste water division. The healthcare division manufactures macerators for hospitals, care-homes and other establishments. The waste water manufactures equipment for waste water treatment.

Because of the technology within Haigh we wanted to move to 3D to exploit the technology we’ve got on board here at Haigh. We chose SOLIDWORKS, it seemed to be the best around. What we do find, what we’re really interested in, first and foremost, is Engineers. And we find that engineers are able to pick up the terminology and the use of SOLIDWORKS, so it’s pretty intuitive to an engineer. One of our users, he’s on the manufacturing side, has gone down the certified SOLIDWORKS Professional route.
It was thought that if I started to use SOLIDWORKS it would help the integration between the data flow from the drawing office onto the shop floor. Then, off my own back, decided then to do the certification which was a challenge but I enjoyed it, I learnt a lot along the way as well.
I think the add in are essentials to the core functionality of SOLIDWORKS. Sheet Metal is something that we ustilise, what we saw was that SOLIDWORKS evolving, developing and actually stepping up to the challenges that companies like us were throwing in and really provided a fantastic product that is now incredibly usable for us as a manufacturer.
I can design something in sheet metal and within half an hour, an hour, it can be being cut on the lazer machine and be folded half an hour later, so it is really valuable.
But now that 3D CADCAM process has been completely removed. As soon as the guys release a sheet metal model from the drawing office it automatically flattens into a DXF format and then gets imported straight into our CADCAM software.
Part of the strength that we’ve got here is the integration of integrating into the other areas so it is not just a standalone CAD system.
We use EPDM Professional, that gives us the ability under one part number search given the standards we use. It gives us the model, every configuration, the drawing, the 2D drawing and also as I mentioned previously it gives us the DFX blank. So under that one search we have got all the information we need to manufacture.
We use Simulation, we had an example where one of our components failed and it failed in a strange way. We ran a Simulation and it did show us that that was going to be the failure point. The interesting thing with Simulation was that we able to make a modification of that product, we were able to simulate it again, it wasn’t showing the same failure. We went into production and the incredible thing is that in the number of years we have not had a failure.
A lot of our plastic injection moulded parts we’ve used surfacing, that was something I hadn’t used until I started at Haigh and I’ve been on the surface modelling training course through Cadtek. I found that really useful when coming back to Haigh and using those skills.
We got a strong relationship with Cadtek. We were with Cadtek since 1989, Cadtek are always there to provide solutions.
Certainly SOLIDWORKS has got a part to play in our marketing as well. And showing the process through from design through to manufacture and how actually its that whole process and the fact that we use the right software, the right tools and we partner with the right experts to make sure that that process is as good as it can be so that we really do make the most of that heritage of Great British manufacturing and engineering.


Since 1955, Haigh has taken the principles of maceration and applied then to new processes, new industries and new markets. Over the years Haigh have developed their design, manufacturing and production processes to combine what’s proven with cutting-edge technology and practices whilst retaining what they have always been. Excellent engineers.

We have a strong relationship with Cadtek. We have been with Cadtek since 1989, they are always there to provide solutions.

SOLIDWORKS is evolving, developing and actually stepping up to the challenges that companies like us are throwing in.

We use EPDM Professional…under that one search we have got all the information we need to manufacture.