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For the 9th day of Christmas we have created a Ginger Bread House using SolidWorks and SolidWorks Visualize. It’s the time of year typically spent with friends or family to enjoy the festive spirit. We hope you enjoy todays tutorial and the Christmas period ahead.

Creating the Ginger Bread House Assembly:

Create the front, side and back panels along with the two roof sections in separate parts – you can create the structure in one part and save out the bodies via the save bodies feature. The icing on the roof has been created in an individual part and then duplicated and re positioned for the other side of the roof. Once you have the base structure created using simple modelling techniques including Boss-Extrudes and Fillets, assemble the house.

Creating the Icing for the Roof:

To create the icing for the roof – a sweep feature has been patterned to generate multiple instances of the seed. The Fill Pattern feature was used to create an arrangement of the instances based on a face. To use the fill pattern a fixed face is required – start by creating a simple block, use an offset plane and create the sweep feature to be patterned. Create the bounding box perimeter used within the fill feature – only features and faces can be patterned with the fill feature.

SolidWorks Visualize Animation:

SolidWorks Visualize Render:

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