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SolidWorks Basics – Features

SolidWorks Features turn your sketch geometry into 3D geometry. They are the building blocks used to take your design, step-by-step, to the final product. They allow you to add and remove material in a number of different ways, including using Extrudes, Revolves, Fillets, Chamfers and many more.

This Wednesday’s webcast will explain from the ground up everything you need to know to get to grips with the fundamentals of features inside SolidWorks. We will explain exactly what a feature is, look at some examples of how they can be used, and also explain their properties.

You can expect to see the following:

  • What is a Feature?
  • How to create a Feature
    • Extrude Boss/Base & Extrude Cut
    • Revolve Boss/Base & Revolve Cut
    • Fillet & Chamfer
  • Property Manager
  • Feature Manager

This 20 minute webcast is suitable for those who have recently completed, or are due to complete, the SolidWorks Essentials training course.

SolidWorks Tips and Tricks – Features

So you’ve mastered sketching, you have learnt how to create a variety of features from these sketches, including revolves and extrudes, but now you would like to speed up your modelling and reduce your design time further.

This Wednesday’s webcast will allow you to take your feature modelling to the next level by improving your design workflow and reducing the amount of clicks required to get to your final design.

You can expect to see the following:

  • Speeding up standard feature operations
  • Using and customising the ‘S’ key
  • Mouse Gestures

This 20 minute webcast is suitable for intermediate levels of SolidWorks user.

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