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Think back to when you were enjoying your last beer. As that first taste hit your lips, the engineering complexities required to create that moment of satisfaction were probably the farthest thing from your mind.
However, today’s growing brewing industry, and your beer enjoyment, rely on engineers and designers using SOLIDWORKS. Explore our website to learn how businesses use SOLIDWORKS to design and manufacture the equipment necessary to make the beer supply chain flow. There are various steps and stages your beer has to go through before it reaches you – within this post we want to show you how SOLIDWORKS helps this process and keeps everything running smoothly.

The Farming

Planting seeds for the best beer starts with great agricultural equipment design. But, farming machinery can be extremely elaborate, consisting of thousands of assemblies. This is where SOLIDWORKS is used to test and help manufacture the machinery to harvest the necessary crops.
To start off the process of making beer the farmers must harvest the yeast in order to start brewing. Explore our website to see how thousands of SOLIDWORKS users are conquering agricultural engineering challenges every day with 3D design tools.

The Brewing

For the Farm to Table process, brewing is where the magic really happens. But, designing the machinery behind your favorite beer is no small feat.
Some of the most renowned organizations in brewing, from massive brewhouse manufacturers to connected homebrewing devices, use SOLIDWORKS to build revolutionary brewing equipment. SOLIDWORKS enables you to test out the machinery beforehand and enables you to make any adjustments if something wasn’t quite right.


After brewing is complete, industrial packaging equipment is the next engineering marvel responsible for getting beer from the farm to your glass.
There are different ways to transport beer to a glass using various machinery however SOLIDWORKS enables you to try out these different techniques to see which would be the most effective. See how packaging machine manufacturers, like Fogg Filler, Schubert Packaging and Thiele Technologies, develop, test and document their industrial equipment designs using SOLIDWORKS technology.

Transporting the Goods

Whether your beer of choice is riding the rails or loaded up and trucking, engineering plays an important role in ensuring the precious cargo is delivered to you without delay.
See how designers and engineers use SOLIDWORKS to safely transport your favorite drinks in record time. To test these factors companies will use SOLIDWORKS to simulate which would be the most eco and cost effective way to transport their goods.

The Consumer

While end users might be the last stop for your products, the best designs keep consumers in mind from their inception. Every successful step in your product’s lifecycle, from concept to manufacturing, will be for naught if your users’ needs are not satisfied.
The final Stage of the process is where the product meets you! After all of that process that involved advanced design by engineers and designers the finished product meets you! Explore our website to see how you can design consumer experiences into your product designs that will keep end users coming back for more.