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Intelligent Electrical Design

Sync real-time, bi-directional updates between schematics and 3D models in the design process.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical packages provide a range of electrical system design functionality to meet the needs of design professionals. All project design data is synchronized with real-time, bi-directional updates between schematics and the 3D model.


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Increasingly products have embedded electrical content, including power systems, user controls, complex wiring, and harnesses. SOLIDWORKS Electrical simplifies electrical system design with its intelligent design tools, comprehensive parts database, and real-time integration of your 2D schematics and 3D models. The simple, intuitive design makes both electrical and mechanical engineers more productive, enabling increased collaboration and integrated Bills of Materials (BOMs) and project data. The results are fewer mistakes and complications, for faster time-to-market.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical accelerates electrical system design with efficient schematic design capabilities that simplify your process. Multiple users can work together to generate complex single-line or multi-line schematics and automate wiring of PLCs and terminal strips. You can easily reuse portions of existing circuits in new designs to speed development and maintain consistency.

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematic design capabilities simplify development of embedded electrical systems for machines and other applications, with single-line and multi-line schematic tools for planning your electrical systems. An integrated library database provides thousands of symbols and more than 500,000 manufactured parts for use in your design, and you can speed up development by copying and reusing common circuit segments within a project or to other projects. Teams can work concurrently to reduce development time, and automated management tools streamline design of complex PLC connections. You can easily generate drawings, wire lists, “From-To” lists, and other documentation for manufacturing.

Use your SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematics in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, with bi-directional linking that captures design changes in both the schematic and the 3D model in real time.


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SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D enables you to easily integrate your electrical schematic design from SOLIDWORKS Electrical to your 3D model of the machine or other product. (SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D requires SOLIDWORKS CAD software.) Designers can place 3D versions of all electrical parts into their model, and run wires/cables/harnesses in 3D to connect all electrical equipment. This enables you to plan specific locations and paths, and accurately determine wires/cables/harness lengths before equipment is built to ensure consistent manufacturing and to reduce scrap and costs. Your 2D schematics and 3D models are synchronized bi-directionally in real time, so any changes are automatically updated.


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The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional package combines the electrical schematic design capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical with the 3D capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D in one convenient package.

Single-line and multi-line schematic tools, including an integrated library of thousands of symbols and parts, enable quick planning of your embedded electrical system. Design teams can work concurrently on one or more projects and keep all work current with real-time bi-directional updates. You can integrate SOLIDWORKS Electrical schematics with the 3D model and then place 3D versions of all electrical parts into the model, creating paths and connections with wires/cables/harnesses. All work in 2D and 3D is synchronized in real time, and you can create fully integrated BOMs that include both mechanical and electrical parts.


Data Sheet  Customer Story

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