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Often when creating intersecting bodies using advanced sweeps and lofts unwanted artifacts are created, these are often faces created as merging bodies collide. These faces tend to be difficult to spot when both bodies are displayed with the same appearance, changing the appearance of the individual bodies can make it easier to see along with changing the model display to ‘Shaded with Edges’. These artifacts should be removed to eliminate variation from the original design intent and are often unneeded/unwanted.

The ‘Delete Face Feature’ allows the user to efficiently remove faces by maintaining multi-selection facility. There are many options available within the delete feature – Delete, Delete and Patch, and Delete and Fill.

The Delete tool:
Creates a surface body as once its removes face(s) it leaves open edges in the model
The Delete and Patch tool:
Removes the face(s) and extends the surrounding boundaries until they meet, effectively patching the open edges
The Delete and Fill tool:
Removes the face(s) but rather than extending the boundaries to form a patch, instead fills the gap with a new surface which can then be manipulated to be tangent to the adjacent faces

Feature Location:

Menu: Insert > Face > Delete
Command Manager: Surfaces > Delete Face

As the artefacts created tend to be very tiny, you can use the ‘g’ key to activate the magnifying glass – assisting with zooming in on small regions.

Video Tutorial

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